Thursday, May 7, 2015

Reenlistment Day

On Thursday, April 30th Clark reenlisted in the Army. He reenlisted for another 4 years and we chose to go to Italy for our reenlistment! We won’t be going to Italy until summer 2016 so it gives us plenty of time to get our affairs in order and enjoy this last year with our family while we are in the states. We will be in Italy for 3 years, at least that is what the contract says as of right now. Things to end up changing all the time in the Army. Some things I have learned being a military spouse: 1. Roll with it. 2. I’ll believe it when I see it.
Things really do end up changing so much. So when summer 2016 rolls around and we are on a plane to Italy thats when I will believe it is actually happening haha. Until then I will send my time enjoying NC and being in the same country as my family and friends. Getting all the documentation for Italy figured out and learning Italian. I hope everything goes as planned but I could be back here with a post in 6 months saying our plans have changed. Either way Clark reenlisted for another 4 years in the Army and I am so PROUD of him. We really do enjoy being in the Army right now. It’s not always ideal but I really do think I have lucked out with what Clark has done and where we got stationed. He is surrounded by great people and we have made some really great friends.
I am very excited to see where the next part of the journey takes us. We have really been lucky I know some people aren’t as fortune to enjoy their experience in the military but so far we are and I am thankful everyday for that. I am also thankful to have a husband that is willing to put his life on the line for this amazing country we live in. I am lucky. I am proud.
love, Carlee
Also please excuse my resting bitch face...

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  1. aahhh!!!! congrats!
    thanks clark!
    and im sooo excited for Italy for you!
    hey maybe an Italy visit in the future! lol


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