Saturday, July 21, 2018

The Couple Next Door: Shari Lapena

I haven’t read a full book in almost a year, since September 2017 :-/  I know I know that is awful. I have read for the last 9 months or so just textbooks for college and never one all the way threw. One of my goals this summer was to read one book just one book. I started The Couple Next Door on Tuesday and just finished this book this morning (Saturday)! It was a really good read and easy and exciting.

I was about 10 pages in when I thought this book seems too simple. Like there wasn’t big words or phrases everything was in very plain simple English. I googled the book and glanced quickly at the reviews and the book had pretty good reviews so I kept reading. I don’t know why I just assumed for a book to be good it needs to have complicated / fancy language and words. Its better when the words are clearly understandable and the story is a page turner!

And this one was great. The whole time I kept trying to figure out what exactly happened during the story which made me want to not put the book down. There are definitely twists and turns until the very last page. However some of the twists and turns seem a little too unbelievable maybe not unbelievable just like too many. Like how could another thing happen... you know. But still it was good and I would recommend it.

Now I am motivated to read another book! I forgot how fun reading is and how much I enjoy it.

love, Carlee 

Friday, July 20, 2018

Lake Garda, Sirmione, Italy

After the Dolomites (which is coming to you in the next post, sorry I am posting out of order!!!) and before Verona we visited Sirmione Italy which is the cutest little town on Lake Garda. We arrived to town about 10am and it was already SOOOO busy. It was a Sunday and turns out there was an event going on where people were swimming all around the island of Sirmione. So there were lots of swimmers and also family and friends watching them.

We had to park a ways out but it was okay because there was a shuttle bus that came every 10 minutes or so to take people to the old town. It cost 1€ per person so it was not bad and it was worth it to me instead of walking all the way. We first stopped to get some fresh squeezed lemonade and then we visited Rocca 
Scaligera di Sirmione, the Castle in Sirmione and it was gorgeous especially the views from the top of the castle. The little town is so cute. We then had to grab brunch. We went to a little cafe where we ordered omelets, pancakes and toast.

After that we walked around some more. Finding buildings covered in flowers and even getting to dip our feet in Lake Garda and look for seashells. Of course before we left we got some ice cream. Then it was an easy ride back on the shuttle bus to were our car was parked and then we were off to Verona.

love, Carlee

Shorts: NEX
Shirt: Target
Purse: JCPennys

Thursday, July 19, 2018

Verona, Italy

My friend and I took an amazing 4 day trip up to the Venice, Italy area. I say area because we explored a lot more than just Venice. We flew in and out of the Venice Treviso airport and rented a car and headed to the Dolomites first, the next day we did Sirmione the cutest little town on Lake Garda and also Verona! I knew I wanted to do Verona on our trip even if it was just for a quick stop.

I, of course, have read the story of Romeo and Juliet by Shakespeare and now that I am married I think "oh young love how foolish" but still it is just an iconic story and it is known around the world and will be taught in schools for generations and generations to come. But did you know that an Italian actually wrote the story before Shakespeare and it is believed that the story is actually real and based in Verona. That is why Verona has kinda of taken over the story and they seem to embrace the Shakespeare fame and all the tourist that come with it.

Juliet's house was the main thing I wanted to see and so we headed that way first. I read that it is super crowded and to beware of pickpockets. It really was the most crowded little area we were in are whole trip. But you just need to stop in and see maybe get a photo on the balcony and write a letter to Juliet if you want. I thanked her for helping me find my love early in life. I also rubbed Juliet's boob it is so worn from all the rubbing... (Rumor has it that rubbing the statue of Juliet, specifically on her left breast, in Verona, Italy brings you luck.) So hopefully that means I will have great luck!

After that we popped into a few shops, my friend was excited to see a Lush store in Verona and we got ice cream at the famous flower gelato shop Amorino (they make your gelato look like a flower but only if you order a cone.) It was great this time just like the last 5 times I have had ice cream from Amorino all over Europe haha. 

love, Carlee
Shorts: NEX
Shirt: Target
Shoes: Nike