Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Italian Blossoms

Hey all!!! I am back in Naples, Italy with my husband and dog. I got back last week and I am so excited to be back. The drive from the airport to our house was awesome and I was in awww of all the blooms and trees blossoming every where. One thing that wasn't so great was that my bags got lost and never arrived in Naples when my flight came in. Turns out they never got on the plane from Paris. So I had to wait about 4 days until the arrived but I ended up getting them. 
My leg/ankle is doing okay. I met with the Dr. here last week and he says it looks like it is healing nicely. I start PT next week so I am excited about that. I would like to build up more stamina because right now I can't even walk very much without it starting to hurt and tighten up. But I am thankful that I can walk at all at this point and that when I am not doing anything my ankle is not in pain at all. I count my lucky stars for that because for a while there I wasn't sure if I was ever going to not be in pain. So I am progressing. 
I can't wait to get out an adventure more. Although we will probably be taking the metro more instead of walking everywhere like we used to and that's okay. I started painting our bedroom here in Naples. I was definitely decorating before my accident in November but I was waiting to paint and do anything major until we had more "down time" but after I got back I realized I don't want to wait until.... or after.... so I have jumped in and started getting to it. We also got a king bed. It's something that we have been talking about for a while and finally we were like lets do it, life is way to short. Anyways, so it's pretty good over here. Trying to get out and do all the stuff but I also know I need to pace myself so there is definitely a balance that I need to find. But I am getting there. I am thankful at where I am right now. 
love, Carlee
Pants: Macys
Cardigan: Old Navy
Hat: TJ Maxx
Tank: Target

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