Wednesday, June 28, 2017

Horseback riding Mt. Vesuvius

Yesterday, my little brother and I went horseback riding on Mt. Vesuvius. We did it with the company, horse riding Naples. They picked us up and dropped us off from the base near the airport which was nice. There was just two other travelers on our ride and they were two girls from Canada about my age. Both my little brother and I have ridden horses before but never up a mountain and it's been a while. Berry and Roberto were the riders from the company that went with us and they were super awesome.
We started up Mt. Vesuvius and we got to a neat lookout point where we took a break and got off the horses. We got to explore some of the lava rock from the 1944 eruption which was the last Vesuvius eruption. On the way down the mountain we went different way, over lots of lava rock. It was an interesting activity and something fun and different to do while my brother was in town. I will admit I was a little nervous at points cause the trail was a little steep and narrow and my whole life was basically in the horses hands (hooves lol.) But my horse, Lady, was amazing and did perfect during the ride. She kept wanting to stop and eat and I totally wanted to just let her but we had to keep going.
When we got back to the stables, Roberto offered us some of this homemade wine which was really good and very nice of him. Then we got dropped off back at the airport. I would totally recommend this company if you want to do horseback riding in Naples. They were professional and the horses were awesome. I would probably not do it in the summer as it was pretty hot so many the spring or fall if that is an option for you.
love, Carlee

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