Wednesday, October 5, 2016

Dublin and Belfast

 After London we went to the airport and flew to Dublin we flew ryanair which was super cheap like 18 euro cheap! We spent two days in Dublin, Clark specifically wanted to be in Dublin for his birthday. So we wanted to make sure that happened. The two days in Dublin were spent basically just wandering around the city, we went to the Guinness factory of course, we did a lot of barhopping pub hopping to try to get the full experience one thing I really loved about Dublin is how walkable the city is. Especially compared to London which we had just been in. The first thing we did once getting to Dublin was go to the laundry mat and get our clothes done. We'd only been on vacation for five days but we just packed carry-on so we didn't have a ton of clothes with us so it was our plan laundry here and then about five days with the laundry again will be good for the rest the trip (we ended up doing laundry in the bathtub about 11 days into the trip haha) so we got there we couldn't check into our hotel yet so we did laundry.
Then once we could check into a hotel, we got unpacked and then we wander around. We went to these different parks, we went by all of these awesome restaurants found a good one to eat dinner at (Hairy Lemon), we loved eating like the classic Irish food I think I had Irish stew the first night and Clark had shepherds pie we had these really good hard ciders. I'll let you in on a secret we are not big beer drinker's and we're not big drinkers in general but obviously when you go to Ireland it's like you need to try Guinness and you need to try these different beers and so we definitely did. We wanted the whole experience we wanted to know what we are missing out on but the hard ciders we really liked. The first evening we were there we went to a bunch of pubs and bars and we honestly just walked around and we heard music coming from the bar we are like that's where we need to go. We went to the Stagshead and it had ukulele like thing going on, it was awesome they were playing different sounds and ukulele like sweet home Alabama and crocodile rock and Hey Ya by OutKast it was the coolest thing. There was probably 30 people playing ukuleles and everyone else singing along. 
The first full day we spent in Dublin was Clark's birthday we went to the Guinness factory we wandered around a lot we fish and chips we went to St. Patrick's Cathedral and then in the evening we actually went to the greyhound dog races which was like my favorite thing ever. Unfortunately I drank a little bit too much this day and end up getting sick at night so that wasn't the best end to Clark's birthday. But he was a good sport haha. 
After Dublin, we only spent two nights there, we rented a car and we drove to Belfast, Northern Ireland which was our first job. We did this whole ring around Ireland which I'll definitely tell you more about in the next post (7 day rental car road trip around Ireland) but the first spot was Belfast. And I wanted to see this because I wanted to go the Titanic dock and pump house it's the actual dock and pump house where the Titanic was built and many other shifts including at sistership the Olympic him but I just love the Titanic, I always have. I love all the documentaries I've been to a few Titanic exhibit and obviously the movie but this is the real thing we're talking about. There's a whole museum as well but we didn't do the museum because we don't have a ton of time but I definitely want to see the docks and the pump house which had a bunch of information on its own so it's really cool and totally worth it. We then headed up north, we went to balleymoney which is by the dark hedges which is in the Game of Thrones. You know, that iconic film location, we actually don't watch Game of Thrones another bad thing on me. But we did see the spot and then we stayed up there so that way the next morning we could wake up early and go to Giants Causeway without a bunch of people so I'll be sharing that tomorrow.
love, Carlee 
Dress: Target
Leggings: Old Navy
Scarf: Gift
Bag: JCPenny
Hat: American Eagle

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