Friday, October 7, 2016

Giant's Causeway and Carrick-a-rede rope bridge

Hey y'all, so on our first full day road trip around Ireland we went to Giants Causeway and Carrick-a-Rede rope bridge. We woke up fairly early and we wanted to go to Giants Causeway before there was much traffic and many tourists the information office doesn't open until nine but you can go to Giants Causeway before then. Giant's Causeway is actually totally free and you do have to pay to go in the visitor center but if you don't want or need to see the visitor center and you can just walk the trails to Giant's Causeway so that's what we did we parked and walked the blue trail there was other few other people around but not many so we basically have the whole causeway to ourselves. We got to see the camel and organ and Finn's grandmother and read the story about Finn McCool and the legend of how and why the causeway exists. Whenever Clark is asked what his favorite thing is that we did while in Ireland he says the Giants Causeway was his favorite. So that should tell you how much we liked it. We got to sit in the wishing chair (more local legend) and like I said there was nobody really there maybe two or three other people the whole time. But there was quite a few people walking down when we were walking up because by that time it was nine, we got there I think around 7:30am.
But like I said we absolutely loved it you don't have to go to the visitor center just park and walk around. You do have to pay for parking you're in a park in the visitor center a lot but you don't have to park there either. The Giant's Causeway is really cool totally recommend it totally worth it also worth it to see it without all of the other people so if you can go early, go early. After that we drove to Carrick-a-rede rope bridge which is a rope bridge that's basically now a tourist attraction but back in 1755-ish fisherman put it up to get out this little island because that was the best fishing spot for the salmon was. They still fish out there but now you can walk the trails and actually go on the rope bridge out to the island for a small fee. The property and the bridge are very well-managed so if you do want to go to the rope bridge it's totally worth paying a little bit. But you don't actually have to pay anything to go on the trails. You can walk all the way out to see the awesome views and see the bridge. 
For some reason I mentioned the dark hedges in my last post but I didn't share any photos from it don't no why so here's some photos from the dark edges which was really awesome and like I said we should probably start watching Game of Thrones if we're going to go to all these awesome locations. Also some photos of sheep for your viewing pleasure I love seeing the sheep I don't even think I got tired of it for all of our trip but at the beginning I was like so excited to see sheep in the fields and like on the side of the road just so exciting. They are so stinkin' cute. 
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