Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Broken leg update!

Hey all, I have not been around here in a while and it is not because I haven't wanted to be. It's mostly because I don't feel like I have anything really worth sharing. My leg/ankle is broken and its the dead winter still here in Eastern Washington and it seems like spring will never come haha. But I actually got some good news today. I went to see my doctor and he was very excited about the healing and movement in my foot! He said that I could start bearing a little bit of weight on my right leg again building up until I am 100% weight bearing. I will still be using my crutches for stability and be in my boot. But it is progress and I am excited. I will have another appointment at the end of February were, if all goes well, I will get out of the boot and start walking more. We will see. It's been 10 weeks and I am having with the progress I have made. 
I guess I do have a few things to share, I finished a book in January (first full book I have read since June 2016, shhhhhh don't tell anyone.) And I am about halfway through another so I will share those reviews on here. I do want to get back to posting. That is something I have always done whether people have been reading or not and it will be good to get back into that and feel 'normal' or at least do things I used to normally do. Anyways, thats all for now. Thanks for the love and prayers. 
love, Carlee 

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