Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Perissa & Akrotiri Santorini

After we stayed in Oia for two nights we headed down to the south end of the island to stay another two nights. We caught the bus from Oia to Fira and then from Fira to Perissa. The bus is super cheap and an easy way to get around the island. We had our luggage with us though so it wasn't the most fun hauling around those while trying to maneuver the bus schedule. But we did it. We stayed at Stelios Place in Perissa for 2 nights and it was a wonderful little hotel just a block from the beach.
The first thing we did once we arrived in Perissa was go and rent an ATV for the day. We heard it was a really fun way to get around the island and while we saw people doing it in Oia we are glad that we decided to wait because the south end of the island is so much less crowded and easy to maneuver. We got on the ATV and headed for the lighthouse and then red beach and then all the way to the top of the highest point in Santorini where there is an old monastery. I think the highest point or the lighthouse would be an excellent place to watch the sunset. The place we rented the ATV from is called, Monomania in Perissa, and was just one block from our hotel. The people that ran the business were so nice, they didn't make us pay extra for gas since we were renting later in the day they just included it in the price. And they even gave us jackets. They saw we were just wearing beach clothes so they thought we might get a little old on the ATV and they were right! Such nice people and highly recommend.
Our second day in Perissa we went on a boat excursion. The weather wasn't the best. I didn't rain but it was cloudy and windy. It would have been so much better if is was clear and sunny but oh well. We got the see the red beach, white beach, lighthouse, and volcano from the boat which was cool. The boat stopped for a while for lunch and gave the passengers the opportunity to jump off the boat into the Aegean Sea and swim to the "hot springs." Clark and I were the only ones that did it and I am glad we did but I will say that they should be named "warm springs" as they are not really hot. haha. We also got a tradition Greek lunch on board which was fun. While we enjoyed our day I don't think I would recommend the excursion we took. It was 95euro a person and there were other excursions that did the same sort of stuff for 40euro a person so looking back I would have probably done one of those. But like I said we had a good time.
We also had time to just lay on the beach and relax while in Perissa. Our last day there was so nice and we had breakfast and wonderful drinks at the restaurant in front of Sellada Beach Hotel. I did some online research and couldn't figure out if it's part of the hotel or it's own restaurant. But its right in front of it. Clark had crepes and I had a omelet and we had fresh fruit smoothies. Then we went and laid on the beach. Most restaurants have beach chairs and umbrella in front of there places and if you order drinks or food from them you can lay in the chairs all afternoon basically and there is even free wifi! I had a yummy pina colada! 
After we laid on the beach for a while longer, we headed to the airport because our next stop was Athens for a few days!
love, Carlee
Gray Cardigan & Dress: Thrifted
Pink Leggings: TJ Maxx
Sunglasses: Target
Purse: JCPennys
Sandals: Clarks (like the shoe brand and not my husband haha) 


  1. reading all these posts make me so happy for you! im so glad youre getting to do all of this!!! (:

    1. Ahhh thanks! I am glad I get to as well. Trying to make the most of my time and not take anything for granted! Also I never know if people see when I reply to their comments on here haha.


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