Wednesday, May 3, 2017

Villa di Pollio Felice- Bagni della Regina Giovanna

Last weekend we went to Sorrento with some friends to adventure. We stayed the night in this cute little campground. Our first stop on Saturday was Villa di Pollio Felice a really cool old archeological site. It is not very well kept up but it is gorgeous and right on the water. There is also this awesome little cove that has the clearest water I have ever seen. It was quite a walk down to it but so worth it.
I know that in the summer people swim in the lagoon and will swim through the arch out to the sea. A lot of people say it is a great little hidden gem in Sorrento. I loved visiting it. And another thing I loved about our trip was that our friends planned the whole thing so I didn't have to do any planning or research. I just has to follow along and take great photos along the way. It was refreshing to just tag along and enjoy the day.
There is also a restaurant just a little ways pass the archaeological site that you can only get to by walking. It is called Lido la Solara and it is really tasty. They have very fresh food and a nice laid back atmosphere. You can even rent chairs and beach equipment and there is a ladder on the rocks so when you jump into the water you can climb back up. We didn't swim in the water because it is only April and not summer swimming weather yet. At least for me haha. But sometime a trip back might be in order. I am sure the restaurant does really great in the summer months. I loved this trip!
love, Carlee 
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