Friday, September 8, 2017

Making wrapping paper into wallpaper

So I have actually seen this DIY done before we moved to Italy. I wanted an apartment friendly, renter friendly DIY's decorating ideas for the whole wall. I like the idea of wallpaper but obviously you can't wallpaper a rental I mean you could but it's pretty risky so I saw this wrapping paper turn into wallpaper DIY where the lady basically use pushpins and double-sided tape to do the walls. So actually before we even moved to Italy I was looking for quality wrapping paper from my T.J. Maxx and Marshall's because they have quality wrapping paper for cheap so one roll is like 2.99 but it's nice thick wrapping paper. So I got two different designs and this design was a little bit harder because the pink geometric design had to line up. I actually did it without the geometric pattern lined up and it was bothering me so I went back and lines up the pattern which was kinda of difficult but worth it.
I really like the way it turned out and I just picked a small area because I didn't want to overdo it so I put up the first row and it was fairly easy. I just started. I put a couple pushpins at the top and then I also did a some double-sided tape and then I just let it roll down in one motion and then cut the bottom and then from there, double-sided on the way down so there was no air bubbles. So do that with the first side and it works really good and then with the second side we have this little security alarm thing on it so I had kind of cut a hole and it was little bit harder but I like the way it turned out I didn't want there to be a big hole behind it I wanted it to look like it well applied. Trying to get the geometric pattern lines up was tricky like I said. But once I had it lined up at the top I put some push pins in and then double sided tape all the way down a little at a time so reduce any air bubbles.
It's a very simple straight forward DIY and it's pretty easy to make a statement and it's simple to take down you literally just rip the paper crumble it up. I know people have said they've had a problem with double-sided tape in the past. But it worked for me so far and I tested it out make sure it came off the wall fairly easily and it did so that's good but test it out before you try on your walls cause some people have a problem with it coming off. And the next time I do this I'm going to make sure I have a pattern that's more abstract so I don't need to match up perfectly. I still have some rolls of wrapping paper with a floral design that I am thinking about doing in the guest bedroom but we will see. This was one of my first home projects I did in the house so it has been up for about a year now and has held up super well. The picture hanging on the wall I bought at the thrift store here in Italy. 
love, Carlee 
Wrapping paper: TJ Maxx (2.99 a roll, 2 rolls used)

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