Monday, October 30, 2017

Garden Gnome, Flower, Bee Family Costume

Our DIY family costume for this year! I love it. I honestly kind of knew what I wanted to do for our Halloween costume like last December just about 10 months early haha. I didn't know exactly how I was going to do the main flower part for my costume until I was re-watching Parks and Rec and April was a flower for Halloween one year so that I wear I got the inspiration for my flower hat (see photo below). I was actually just going to order a bee costume for Knox but all the dog bee costumes online were kind of cheesy and I figured I could make something just as good or better for less money. I think his bee costume turned out so rad although he hates wearing it. I did use my sewing machine for the green leaf flower necklace and for the bee body but I think you could most likely improvise with a hot glue gun if you don't know how to sew or don't have a sewing machine.
Flower costume:
-Main flower hat: Pink felt peddles. Duct tape pipe cleaners to the back of the peddles so they are bendable. Arrange around a straw hat or sun hat. Secure with duct tape.
-Green leaf necklace. Cut green felt into triangles and sewn together with green thread.
-Plastic flower pot cut out the bottom.
-Plastic fake flowers.

Dog bee costume:
-Yellow shirt. Sew black fabric/felt in stripes to resemble a bee.
-Sewn together felt for the tail of the bee.
-Use a mental hanger and black panty hose to make the wings.
-Headband and pipe cleaners with two felt balls on top for antennas.

Gnome Costume:
-Red cardstock for hat cut into big birthday hat shape. (used a elastic string from a birthday hat to make it so you can wear it. )
-White Beard (Halloween costume section)
-Blue Shirt
-Khaki Pants
-Rope for belt
-White quilt stuffing for eyebrows (stick on with double sided tape)
So I love Halloween and I love dressing up. But I don't like spending a ton of money on something I am only going to wear once a year and never again so I try to keep the cost of our whole family costume to under $50. I already had a lot of stuff on hand so that helped. I only spent $27.50!

Pink and green felt for flower: $4
Fake flowers: $10
Pipe Cleaners: $1.99
Head band: $.50
Blue shirt for gnome: $11

Already Owned
Flower- Flower pot
Flower - Hat
Flower - Green shirt

Bee -Yellow cloth
Bee - Black felt
Bee- felt balls for antenna

Gnome - Red card stock for hat
Gnome - white beard (got it on sale two Halloweens ago for $1.99)
Gnome-Khaki pants
Gnome-Rope for belt
Gnome-White stuffing for eyebrows
We did a costume walk at Clark's work with the other families and we won first place for best family costume! Everyone thought we were so cute. Unfortunately we couldn't bring Knox which would 
have made it even better but still we got a really cool prize and my creativity paid off. I would still
make costumes and dress up even if there wasn't a contest it is just fun and one of my favorite times of the year!
love, Carlee

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