Saturday, November 4, 2017

Disneyland Paris

What can I even say about Disneyland paris is was so magical as Disneyland usually is. I have only been to Disneyland in California and the last time I went I was like 14 so over 10 years ago now. This Disneyland is obviously different but also it has the same Disneyland charm and feel. We went to Disneyland our 3 day in France. After we explored the coast and right before we went into Paris for the next 4 days so right in the middle of our trip. 
Stuff that was missing: Matterhorn, toontown, mickeys house (although we did see Mickey out and about 4 different times taking photos and in parades) corn dogs, and Mickey shaped pretzels. Stuff that was better: We thought the Indiana Jones ride was better. It was more like a roller coaster. We also really enjoyed the light show at the end of the evening. I also LOVED going to Disney in October. They have pumpkins and ghost decorating buildings. I so want to go to Disney World for the Mickey Mouse Halloween Party thing. 
We spent one full day at Disneyland.We got there right when the parked opened at 10 and left after the firework show at 10pm. It was a full day and both our legs there sore that night but worth it. We did all the rides we could. The fast pass for big thunder mountain was our best decision of the day. Peter pans flight was fun and I really liked autopia. We waited in a line for about 40 minutes to get cheeseburgers but you know how it is. The lines weren't too bad for Disneyland. I would say that the line for Buzzlighter ride wasn't worth it. 
We also saw so many characters but most of them at really long lines to meet them so we skipped them cause we would have rather spent our time in line for rides but I snapped from photos. The only person we got photos with and a signature was Jafar and he was so hilarious. Played the part so well even scaring some of the children in front of us. He had clark laughing so hard. At first he refused to take a photo with me and only wanted one with Clark evening signing his signature with a big X at first then he actually signed in Jafar. He was funny. 
I will say the firework show at the end is so worth it. They do a cool projector thing on the castle and play disney songs it is worth staying I think. It does get really crowded in the middle area right in front of the castle but we were back a little ways next to the restaurant in front of the arcade and we had a great view. 

We stayed at a hotel about 2km Disneyland called Hôtel Kyriad Disneyland Paris it had an amazing breakfast and even a free shuttle to and from Disneyland so it was perfect. It was one of the less expensive hotels in the area with good reviews. Clark was wondering why we didn't stay at a Disneyland hotel and I was like because they are $500 a night haha. 
love, Carlee
Black shirt: Old Navy
Leggings & Shoes: Nike
Sweatshirt: H&M
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