Friday, September 19, 2014

Happening 9.19.14

After the holiday weekends Shutterfly has been sending out promo codes for 101 free photos so after labor day I took advantage of it. 
I just finished reading Blueprints for Builing Better Girls it is a sad, emotional, gets a woman thinking kind of book. 
I am already busting out my Halloween decor. Right after September hits I think it is totally acceptable.
Clark at the fair we went to last Friday. Wanted to share this photo. I like it. 
This photo was taken in Central Park in September of 2012 my family and looking like total tourist and paying to take photos with Elmo. #fail
My guys. 

How are you all today? I have been liking these happening posts. They let me tell you what is actually happening in real time with my day to day life here on the blog. Also let’s be show photo and outtakes that wouldn’t necessarily fit into any other blog post and I like that. Blogging is weird because stuff is usually not happening in real time and some stuff could be weeks or months old. That is why I like writing these post.

This week Clark has been taking a training class for this job and the class is only 5 minutes from our home instead of the usually 15-20 minutes that it takes him to get to work on base. So he has been coming home everyday for lunch which has been nice. If I am being honest thought it does through off my routine a little bit. But Clark is good about letting me do my thing and finishing blog/business stuff or projects and they we get to enjoy each others company.

Also we have been watching The League on Netflix there is 5 seasons I think and it is hilarious. We were looking for another show to watch periodically and Clark heard the League was good so we gave it a shot. It’s about a group of friends that have a fantasy football league and since football season just started back up it is the perfect show.

Knox went to the vet yesterday for his one year check up and heart warm test and everything came back great. He even gained a couple of pounds. Knox actually loves the vet and gets WAY to excited when we pull up in the car. I usually think he is a really good dog but after visiting the vet I always think we need to take him to obedience lessons because he is just to excited and will pull really hard to see the other dogs or people. So yeah looking into that. A lady I met at the dog park recommended a place and I looked into it, it cost $90 a session for 6 sessions. $540 seems a little much to spend on a dogs obedience... idk. 

Happy Friday and cheers to the fricken weekend!
love, Carlee


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  2. superb! Really nice post sis, excited to see more xx Peach


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