Monday, September 29, 2014


So yes, it is almost October and I am super excited because Halloween in my favorite holiday and we have a few other fun plans up our selves. Clark and I are excited. The weather is almost perfect here, autumn weather is really nice in NC let’s not talk about the summer weather. Also the wildflowers seem to be in full bloom, which I find odd. I remember last year in late September the same thing happened and I thought it was weird that these wildflowers seemed to be thriving as the weather cooled down and by cooled down I mean going from 95 degrees with 80% humidity to 75 degrees and 60% humidity. These awesome yellow wildflowers are called goldenrod. 
This weekend was also a really fun one, on Saturday we went bowling with some friends and then had Red Robin and for some reason I was craving a chocolate milkshake for 3 days and I finally had the chance to get one. YUM. And on Sunday we went to a BBQ that Clark’s new sergeant was having. He switched companies back in July and we have meeting a hole new group of soldiers/wives. Which has been fun. 
This outfit is a simple one. It’s nice to be able to wear pants and sandals. I love weather were you can wear pants and sandals or shorts and long sleeves were it’s not to warm but not to cool. This day was a little on the cooler side but still a nice one. Also it’s funny but this cardigan has a weird yellow greenish tint to it (which you can kinda see in these photos) Clark says “I hate the color of that sweater.” Oh well. haha At one point I was thinking about bleaching it and dyeing it another color but I am not sure if it would work well. Maybe that is a DIY for the future. Happy Monday.
love, Carlee
Pants: Marshalls
Sandals & Shirt: Old Navy
Cardigan: American Eagle 

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  1. So pretty! Love how the yellow flowers in the background match perfectly with your cardigan! Thanks for linking up with us :)



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