Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Duke Football

The first time we visited Duke University was back in July we walked around campus and saw the chapel which was amazing. Like I said in the post my family have always been big Duke fans and loves Coach K. I was looking for a college football game to get tickets to for Clark’s birthday and Duke just seemed like the right fit. The game was last weekend against Tulane and we even got to see Coach K in the flesh as he received an award for winning the FIBA world cup again. So that was pretty darn cool.
The game was at 12:30pm and we got to the campus around 11 so we had some time to explore some more and I heard that the Sarah Duke gardens were gorgeous so we walked around them for a bit and I bet at peak bloom they are amazing. There were still quite a few flowers in bloom and Clark and I were both just amazed at all the different types of plants. I am guessing that with the humidity in North Carolina a lot of different plants can grow. After we got done we headed toward the stadium and my was it a sit to see. I had kind of forgotten what college football game day looked like on campus and it was fun. 
It was also cool because Clark and I looked like college students so we fit right in. We headed into the stadium and I got to say that the stadium food (while expensive) was a lot better them I remember in WA. They had everything greek food, mexican food, BBQ, pulled pork, hamburgers, pizza, hotdogs, lemonade, sweet tea, italian ice, dip and dots, corn dogs, etc. Lots and lots of choices. 

The game was good. Duke won 47 to 13 and we did a leave a little early. We also forgot to wear sunscreen so we were both rather sunburnt but oh well. It was a good day. 
love, Carlee 

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