Friday, October 31, 2014

Ketchup, Mustard, Hotdog DIY Halloween Costumes

I think in my 22 years on this earth these are my favorite Halloween costumes that I have worn. I made the ketchup and mustard bottles that Clark and I are wearing and purchased Knox’ hotdog costume from for $4.50 in July. I think this was originally Clark’s idea like “Knox should be a hotdog for Halloween.” And I was like yes. I stayed up late last Saturday night working on Clark and mine costumes and when they were finished I wanted to show the whole world (my social media) right away. But I knew I should wait. On Tuesday Clark and I went to a Halloween event put on my Clark’s battalion on base and we got 1st place for all the adult costumes. I was super excited!
-Hotdog dog costume: $4.50 (I bought it in July)
-Poster board $.99 (each) x 6= $6.00
-More poster board= $6.00
-Velcro= $2.00

Total Cost: $19.00

Other supplies:
Packing tape
Duct tape
Birthday Hats (cone shaped)
Red paint
Yellow paint

Directions sort of:
I tapes 4 pieces of poster board together (found at Michaels and Office Depot) to make the bottle shape. I cut holes were the arms went and reinforced with clear packing tape so the holes didn’t rip. I used Velcro to put on the opening of the poster board so we could easily get in and out of the costume. And I printed of the labels in 4 sections and carefully cut and tapes them together then tapes from on the front of the bottles. If you have any questions let me know. Oh the tops are just birthday hats that I painted with yellow and red paint that I had.
Photos from Tuesday night when we got first place!
What do you think? Remember our costume from last year?
love, Carlee

Here is the ketchup & mustard label: (just right click and save it)


  1. Awesome costumes! Where did you print your mustard label? I can't find any that are high resolution.

  2. Hi my name is Lanni and I have a little boy who is 8 that wants to be mustard for Halloween...... Have to be honest, when he told me he wanted to dress up as a mustard bottle, I was a little surprised😉 When we saw your post he was even more convinced and I felt a little hopefull that I could actually pull this off. Would you be willing to email the PDF of the mustard label. Thanks for your help!!


    1. Hi Carlee, my son is going to be cheeseburger and french fries for halloween and I want to be the ketchup. do you have the pdf for the ketchup bottle?

  3. Woops- that would be helpful-
    Thanks again!!

  4. Could you please send me the PDF of the labels! Love you idea
    Can't wait to try it out this Halloween
    My email is

  5. I would appreciate if you could please send me as well the mustard pdf.
    My kids would love to create and try these costumes.
    My e-mail add is
    Thanks for the help!


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