Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Jack O’ Lantern String Art DIY

Today I want to share with you this Jack O’ Lantern String Art DIY I did and I love. So you might have seen this DIY by AMB last year and that is were I got the inspiration from. Halloween is my favorite holiday and I wanted some home decor that I could display proudly around my apartment. Another thing I have to factor in is budget. I love being thrifty especially when it comes to decor that I will only be displaying for a couple of months. So this DIY for me was about an art piece I could display proudly within a budget.
You’ll need
Black Paint
Paint brush
Flat hard canvas
Small nails
Orange string
Printed Jack O’ Lantern design
1. Paint canvas black and let dry. 
2. Print out jack o’ lantern design from printer. 
3. Cut and tape together so it fits the whole area of the canvas. 
4. Start nailing the nails into the outside jack o’ lantern. 
5. I nailed about 1/2 inch apart. 
6. Just follow the black lines of the pumpkin lines. 
7. After the entire thing is outlined in nails start ripping off the paper underneath.
8. Be careful when ripping out the paper because you don’t want to nails to come out. 
9. Next wrap string around the outside of the design so that way you know there not to put string.
10. Wrap string from nail to nail until all the jack o’ lantern in filled in.
11. Tie off the string on a nail and tuck it under so it’s hidden.
Canvas: $1.83  //  Pack of 3 canvas $5.50 (50% on sale at AC Moore) 
String: $1.00  //  on sale at AC Moore
Black Paint: $2.50  //  sample can at home depot

Pumpkin shape: Printed out from home printer
Nails: already had from another project

Total Cost: $6.33 
This was one of my favorite DIY’s I have done to date. It add’s a nice pop of Halloween decor to the home. The Canvas is 16x20 inches so it’s a pretty good size and is now hanging on the wall. One thing I should have done was made the nose bigger. It got lost a little bit in translation with the other small triangles that the string made. So I just wish I made the nose the same size as the eyes. Only regret haha. I have another fun Halloween DIY in the works which I am really excited to share here.

Like everyone else it seems, October is one of my favorite months of the year! And I am sure this year with be no different. Happy October:)
love, Carlee

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  1. i love this!!!!
    i saw they did it also and ive been meaning to do this myself!
    maybe make smaller versions of these also just to hang!


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