Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Caserta Palace Gardens

I really wanted my family to meet our Italian landlords while they were visiting. Our landlords have been really good to us, even visiting me everyday when I was in the hospital with my broken leg. Our landlords are about the same age as Clark's and my parents and they have 3 children about our age so they are like our Italian parents. They wanted to meet my mom and little brother as well. They live in Caserta about 30 minutes from where we live and they love the Palace of Caserta. Which is totally understandable, it is gorgeous and so we decided that the gardens would be a good place to show my family and while Clark and I have visited the palace we haven't ever visited the gardens.
I think my mom was picturing more florals and flowers when I was describing the gardens but it is more trees and fountains. The total length of the gardens is about 2km. We walked from the palace all the way down and then saw the English Gardens and then my mom, brother, Gianfranco, and I rode the bus back while Giulia and Clark walked. Italians are very proud people so they like showing off their neighborhood and town. They even mentioned that when the Clintons visited in the 90s that they loved the English Gardens. 
The fountains were probably the most impressive part of the gardens or maybe the giant fish in the pounds they are SOOOOO big haha. We were wondering if the fish jump from pond to pond up or down through the fountains and they do! We saw a few of them. Our landlords wanted to show us a little lake and castle that the royal children used to play in but my legs were tired. So my mom, Clark, brother and landlords went to there and I hide out in the trees. There is a bunch of patches of forest and I thought thats all there was. But there are little trails that go back in the forest and I went back there and there are benches and a trail and it's crazy because it really doesn't look like anything but trees from the outside and its a little wonderland or 'secret garden.' 
love, Carlee
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