Tuesday, July 18, 2017

St. Peter's Basilica

I still have soooooo many photos from when my mom and little brother came to visit. We really did pack in a lot of stuff. We spent two days in Rome. It was Clark's and my second visit to Rome so we had a lot to still see. Someone told us when we first got here that we don't need to go to Rome too much because whenever family comes to visit they will want to go and they were right! haha. One of the main things I wanted to do was go to St. Peter's Basilica. We went to the vatican museum already at our first visit so we didn't need to go again but my mom and little brother went. But before that, we all went to St. Peter's Basilica together in the morning. We went early around 8:30am and I would recommend it or even a bit earlier. We had to wait in a bit of a line for security but it moved fast. We were also very careful with the dress code we heard it was even striker than the vatican museum. So we made sure we were dressed properly. Knees and shoulders covered, and in the dress code it says that men need to be wearing long pants. So Clark and my little brother both wore pants and while other men were in shorts absolutely getting in but at least we weren't worried about it at all. There was one women in a tank top and a long skirt and the guard turned here away. I would just be on the safe side.
One of the main things I wanted to do was climb to the top of the St. Peter's dome. I wanted to see the really good view from the top and it did not disappoint. Getting there was another feat. Most of visiting St. Peter's is totally free but you do have the pay to visit the dome. It is either $8 to take the elevator half way or $6 to walk the whole way. We paid the extra $2 and road the elevator half way and it was a good thing because the rest of the trip was a little bit of a hike. Once we got off the elevator you are at the top of the dome on the inside and it is really cool. You get to look down on the inside of the basilica and there was even a mass service going on inside. 
We started on up and the stairs are legit so narrow and you are walking through this little corridor and it is even slanted as the shape of the dome. It was definitely a climb and there was no AC. It was definitely worth it through, the view from the stop is gorgeous and after walking up like 500 stairs the fresh air also felt nice. It was not very crowded up at the top and like I said the views were spectacular. We headed back down to check out the inside of the basilica and the pieta.
I didn't actually know anything about the Pieta but my mom mentioned it because my grandma loves it. It is a sculpture that Michelangelo did and it is breathtaking. I can't believe that the ripples in the blanket are solid marble. It is just really beautiful. After that, we walked around the rest of the basilica. We only had about 3 hours in the basilica but it was enough for now. I wouldn't mind going back again and again. I am sure we will get the chance when more family comes to visit. The paintings and marble work in the entire church were something else. They even have remains of past popes and bishops. 1000% worth the visit. 
Walking to St. Peters in the morning. 

Another thing is that St. Peter's Basilica is actually huge! I know you can't see the scale cause it's the only thing in the air but really it's massive. Clark and I went to McDonalds afterward while my mom and little brother went to the vatican museum haha. 
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