Thursday, July 6, 2017

International Tattoo Festival

So we went to the international tattoo festival here in Naples Italy actually before I went to Greece so its been a few weeks ago now. It was down at the convention center on John Fitzgerald Kennedy Boulevard. We found that to be a super random street name here in Naples so I think it's really funny. The tattoo convention was actually really awesome our friend was getting a tattoo there by one of the guys so it gave us another reason to go down and kind of check it out but there were amazing artist there was also an artist from one of the schools in Naples. They were at the entrance sketching portraits and they had a live model.
Within the tattoo convention there was also lots of different things, there are booths for people doing tattoos and promoting their shops, there were booths for supplies and there were food vendors. We visited with our friend for a while who is getting a tattoo and then we ate some food and then we came across this one amazing guy he was a Japanese artist named Tomo. He actually had won the tattoo of the day the previous day so we were very interested to seen him in action. And he did amazing work. Clark was totally convinced to get a tattoo by him and he even set up an appointment for the next day but then we remembered that we were going to Greece and we were going to be swimming and so he decided to cancel it because he didn't want to ruin the tattoo or not be able to swim and have fun and Greece. Which was really disappointing because the guy did amazing work.
Since the guy's Japanese and his studio is in Japan it's not likely will go there anytime soon so we have both been on the lookout for if he's coming to another convention or festival within Europe soon maybe Clark and I can go up there and Clark and get a tattoo by him then and we will not have to travel so far.  Clarks been thinking about him and getting a tattoo from him now and been talking about it on and off for the last few weeks since we've seen him. I think his work is amazing I don't have any tattoos myself but Clark has two tattoos and obviously want to get more.
One thing I did love about the convention was that there was just amazing artist. The tattooers are doing their pieces but their are a lot of them have artwork that they were selling. They had all sorts of stuff, like Japanese stuff, there were really cool like caricature illustrations of TV shows and actually got a couple for my family members because I think there's so rad.  It was definitely a really fun outing especially because it was cool to see a lot of local people and artists.  I will definitely be going next year if it is at a time we can go and hopefully it is.
love, Carlee

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