Thursday, May 10, 2018


I haven’t had my hair cut or washed professionally since September and since I was heading back to the states to visit my family I thought it was the perfect time for a treatment and blowout and a little trim. Even though a did get a bit cut off the bottom you can’t even tell cause my hair is still so long but I am really loving it long. I had my hair cut by the same guy that did it in September cause he did a really great job. However, this time I wasn’t feeling it as much. I like the cut and it ended up looking great in these photos but when he was blowing it out and styling it he was pulling so hard even though I kept saying it hurt. And I have a high pain tolerance and it was just too much. Luckily for me it looks really nice but I will probably try and find someone different next time I need a haircut or styling. 

I don’t think I have mentioned it on here but I am heading back to the states for 3 weeks. I booked my tickets in December when I was feeling homesick during Christmas time and I also got Taylor Swift tickets which I am very excited about. So yeah look out for some posts from the states! I even have a whole lists of food I want to eat while I am back in America! 
Shirt: Forever 21
Jeans: TJ Maxx
Sandals: Marshals


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