Wednesday, April 25, 2018

Florence: Ponte Vecchio, David, + More

Some more photos from Florence, Italy. After this, I have one more post talking all about the food we ate in Florence. We ate a lot of good food and a lot of great gelato so I am going to do a big recap and  give my recommendations. Anyways, back to this post. The first photos are from our multiple viewings of Ponte Vecchio. The bridge is an iconic location in Florence and for a reason, it is so cool to see stores and homes build on a bridge. We only walked over the bridge once because we didn't it is usually so crowded with people. It seemed like all the shops on the bridge were jewelry stores which was weird. You'd think that variety would be key and not sameness haha. 

The last day we were in Florence we went to the Galleria dell' Accademia  to see Michelangelo's famous sculpture of David. I reserved tickets ahead of time via the official office. I just called to reserve our time and you don't have to pay until you get there. But we got to skip the line at the entrance which was awesome. The David was magnificent and really large. You don't really get how large it is until you are standing underneath it. After seeing the David we walked about the museum some more. One of my other favorite pieces from this museum was a technicolor alter piece (photo below). I thought the colors were amazing. 

And the rest of the photos are just either random, like the people playing musical instruments, the walls and walls of belts, street art, and then some really famous landmarks of Florence like the duomo and cathedral. We also came across the famous bronze boar which you are suppose to put a coin in this mouth and wish to come back to florence if you coin drops through the grate under the pig then you will return otherwise you will get bitten by the pig! My coin dropped into the grate so I guess I am destined to return! 

As you can see from my photos it basically rained the entire time we were in Florence but we didn't mind to much. We came dress prepared and we have had really good luck with the weather on most of our trips. So a couple rainy days didn't hurt us. 
love, Carlee
Stripped hoodie: Old Navy
Shoes: Nike
Coat: NorthFace
Polka Dot Shirt: ZARA
Purse: JCPennys
Jeans: Old Navy

Doing 50 blog posts for the 100 day challenge. Instead of a post everyday (which would be crazy for me) I am doing one every other day and so far on track!!!

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