Sunday, July 15, 2018

Seville, Spain

We used Seville as our hub for the exploring we were gonna so in southern Spain and Gibraltar. I am so glad I visited this city it is very beautiful. Although so hot. It was like 97-98 degrees when we were there the high in Lisbon was like 80 and it was about 75-80 on the coast to so 98 was very very hot! We kept cool by cranking the AC in our room and eating lots of ice cream. The first day we were there actually Spain and Portugal was playing in the World Cup and people were so excited. We caught a little bit of it in our hotels bar when we were enjoying sangria but then we went out to explore the city so we didn’t catch the rest of the game but we could hear cheers and boos ring out across the city it was crazy. It is just like this coke commercial. You can really hear what’s going on from everywhere!

One of the main sites I wanted to see was the Metropol Parasol. It is a really big modern art sculpture / building. You can go up on top of it and get amazing views of the city. Underneath there was all sorts of street performers and people hanging out and enjoying a wonderful Spanish evening. We then headed to get tapas at Perro Viejo cause you can’t go to Spain without enjoying tapas. And after we did a quick scan for dessert and ended up at ice wave a place that makes the ice cream in front of you on a frozen stone and that rolls it up. Very cool.

The last full day we were in Seville we enjoyed the views and sights from the Plaza de Espana. In the morning we got brunch at Jesters. A cute little smoothie, coffee, pastry shop that seemed more hipster than traditional but it was great we even went back again before we left town. The Plaza de Espana was magnificent. So gorgeous and so much tile everywhere. There were even Flamenco dancers performing in the square under the shade of course since it was so hot. We also made a stop at Ofelias bakery so get some cupcakes for an evening desert and they were great. I definitely recommend the carrot cake one the Oreo one seemed a little too dry. We also grabbed take away pizza at La Urbana Pizza Shop so we could head back to our hotel room, get out of the heat, and watch the World Cup !

We also couldn’t leave town without getting churros I had to do a quick google search of the best churros in Seville and we went to Bar El Comercio and it did not disappoint. They were made fresh (which is definitely key when getting churros) and came with warm chocolate for dipping! We loved Seville Spain and would definitely recommend it to anyone visiting Spain! It was lovely and beautiful and the food was delicious which is a key factor to enjoying a vacation ;) 
love, Carlee
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Shorts: Target
Shoes: Adidas
Glasses: Firmoo
Purse: JCPennys

Wednesday, July 11, 2018

Rock of Gibraltar

Clark and I both agree that this was our favorite part of the whole trip and it was because of the monkeys that live on the rock. They are actually apes because they don’t have any tails and they are the only apes that live wildly on the continental part of Europe. We stayed in Seville for our Spain portion of the trip so we had to give 2 hours and 15 minutes each way to get to Gibraltar and back. But it was totally worth it. The drive was pretty easy, it was highway for most of the trip. Once getting close to the Gibraltar / Spain border just follow the signs for Gibraltar and then for the declare no goods car line. It was super easy to get through. All you had to do was show a guy our passports outside our window and he waved us on through. You can even walk across the boarder but then it’s like a 45 minute walk to the cable cars for the rock of Gibraltar.

We drove across the airstrip and then found some parking near were the cable cars are to get up to the rock. You can take a taxi or walk to the top of the rock as well. We took the cable cars and it was a cool experience. It was a little expensive at 15.50 pounds per person for a round trip but I would do it the same way if I was to go again. The cable car is a little sketchy so if you are afraid of heights maybe taking a taxi to the top is a better idea.

Once at the top you step off the cable car and there are little monkeys everywhere. They were quite a few just eating in the area were they are given food but a few meters ahead there was a baby monkey on a ladies head. Later that same one held my hand and it was so cute. If you let it, it will climb on top of you and sit on you. That was a little too adventurous even for us haha. 

Clarks favorite part was how naughty the monkeys were. They would steal stuff out of peoples bags and strollers. We thought it was really funny. We spent a good hour just sitting and watching people come off the cable car and be super excited about seeing the monkeys and then having to make sure they were holding onto there belongings tight. One monkey even unzipped someone’s backpack while it was on them. And they got some bags of chips from people too.

The rock of Gibraltar was also a very amazing sight. There are really good view points from almost every angle once on top of the rock. There is also a gift shop and cafe. We got something at the shop but the cafe was overpriced even for bottles of water. But hands down worth it for the monkeys.

After we got down from the rock we ate at a little place called Piccadilly Garden Bar and I had a great pulled pork sandwich ! Clark didn’t love his food but based off my food I would recommended this place. After we ate we made our way back to Spain.
Shirt: Zara
Shorts: Target
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Purse: JCPenney