Thursday, June 6, 2019


Going to Zermatt Switzerland to see the Matterhorn has been one of the things I have wanted to do since we arrived in Italy almost 3 years ago. It was definitely a bucket list item. We went over Memorial Day weekend and we had the best weather, luckily! It was perfectly sunny... we even got really sunburnt. Oh well haha it was worth it. Everyone was so nice and yes it was rather expensive but worth it. I would definitely go back!

Sunday, May 26, 2019

Everything Everything: Nicola Yoon

I haven't read a full book in months! This was one I picked up at the thrift store. I recognized the cover from a few years ago when it was really popular. I started it and got hooked and finished it in 3 days. It was really cute and well written. It is a YA novel so an easy read. I liked the story and they even made a movie based on the book in 2017! That is how behind I am. I am excited to read the other book by this author.

My goal is to read 10 books this year and this is number 3! I know 10 books is super lame but last year I only read 5 and hey it's May and I have only read 3 so making it to 10 will be an accomplishment haha. I feel like there is momentum to reading like once you read a good one you want to read some more. But once you haven't read in months it is hard to get back into. Anyways, read this book it is good.

Wednesday, May 22, 2019

Photos from Budapest

Photos from the time I took a solo trip to Budapest, Hungary at the end of March. I would like to say someday I will caught up posting photos but let's be real that is not going to happen. I mean it could but I guess I am just not as motivated to post on here as I once ones. Instagram is just much easier you know? Especially when it comes to travel photos. But anyways, I will keep posting when I get an itch or have some amazing photos to share or finally finish a hole book. It's been months since I have read a book.... whoops. 
love, Carlee