Monday, December 5, 2016

Random Gifts for Her

The title of this post says it all. Super random gifts, aka things I want for Christmas this year. I feel like the photo speaks for itself so I won't say much more. I haven't been posting much and for good reason. I broke my leg. More on that later. I just figured I would post this since it was in my drafts and still before Christmas haha. okay. peace. 
love, Carlee

Tuesday, November 22, 2016

New stuff at Little Sloth shop

Hey all! So there is a bunch of new stuff at the Little Sloth shop on Etsy and also on Casetify! I'll first start off with Etsy. I have 6 new mugs. A Pirate, Mountain Sheep (inspiration from our trip to Ireland), a Strong Men mug to go along with the Strong Women mug. (Also selling the pair in a set here!), Lion, Pug, and Sloth!My mom has asked me for about a year now why I don't have a sloth mug yet and it's finally here! Haha. I am really proud of the sloth, pug, lion and pirate because I did them all myself. My husband, Clark, is super talented in the drawing department so we usually collaborate on the animal drawings but these ones I did 95% myself. Instead of the usually 50% me and 50% him. I did ask for his insight and feedback of course that's why I give him 5% credit on these and myself 95% haha.

I also have 4 new military cards. They are for military promotions. When Clark got promoted from specialist to sgt my mom was looking for a card to buy him and couldn't really find anything good. She kept telling me that I really should design a military promotion card so I did a card design for the enlisted promotion rates in the Army, Navy, Marines, and Air Force. I currently don't do custom orders but if there is enough demand for other designs for the promotion cards I will definitely add them to my shop. 

I also have 3 new tech case designs on Casetify. I have a holiday iPhone case, chocolate and hearts a.k.a Valentine's Day, and a new fun geometric pattern. 

Don't forget I have a sale going on at my Etsy shop now through November 29th! Take 10% off your entire purchase with code : WEEKENDSALE10 . Enter the code at checkout. 

Casetify also has sales going on this week:  Black Friday starts T O D A Y (November 22) and lasts until Friday PST!
16% off all orders over $30
20% off orders over $70

code: BLACK2016

love, Carlee 

Wednesday, November 9, 2016


A few weeks ago my friend, her daughter and I went to Pompeii. It was both of our first times visiting. Clark and I have been wanting to go but we always hear about how packed it is on the weekend so we have been putting it off. My friend and I decided to go one day during the week and it was perfect. There were still quite a lot of tourist compared to other parts of Naples but a lot less than what I image it is like on the weekend. I heard that it takes about 10 times going to Pompeii to really get to see it all so Clark and I are definitely going to do again. I am sure we will go again when my family or friends come as well because it is a pretty big deal in all those history books haha.
It was super easy to get there everything was well marked and we parked really close to the entrance. The parking was $3 an hour which wasn't too bad and they had this "promotion" of if you eat at there restaurant you get to park for free the catch was that you had to spend $40 on a meal so it wasn't really worth it to eat. But the parking still was a good price even if the promotion was kind of bogus. haha. The people at the ticketing office spoke English as well as staff inside the site (at least the ones we talked to did.) We walked a ton and tried to see as much as we could. We saw the amphitheater and the bodies that were casted in lava. We even got to see a new exhibit that was set up and included modern sculptures within the ruins of Pompeii. It made the whole sight look really neat.
We even found the cutest kitty while at Pompeii. I first thought it was with someone because it kept cuddling up to this lady but then it came over to us. It was the sweetest little cat and have the prettiest design. I think it is really cool that Pompeii is still an active archeological site and has people working and digging and uncovering all the time. We came across people digging and brushing (what are these people called again.... I can't remember.) Anyways it was an amazing time. Next time I will make sure to get a good detailed map, that was our one mistake.

I am hoping to take Clark to Pompeii soon, I think he might get a couple of week days off at some point and that definitely would be the time to go. I can't wait to go back. 
love, Carlee