Saturday, March 31, 2012

A little sloth

Hey there,

For some reason my boyfriend came up with the nickname little sloth for me and it stuck. I am actually proud of this! It is at least a unique nickname. Well for my birthday he bought me this necklace. A little sloth. Simply perfect. 

The necklace can be found at the site Etsy and are handmade by a lady named Mary Walke. Her business is called marymaryhandmade and all different handmade figures on necklaces. I have the Happy Sloth Necklace. Like I said they are handmade so not everyone will be like the Little Sloth in the website picture. There is even a little initials of Mary Walke on the back of the necklace. I love it because it is unique specially made for me. Look at him how can he not brighten your day. This is the first time I have heard of Mary Walke and I probably wouldn't have if my boyfriend hadn't boughten me a necklace from her. Her stuff is unique go check it out!

The Etsy website alone is great. I have been browsing through it now and it is a place for people just like you and me to sell there handmade, vintage, crafty things. It is a really cool website. Go check it out. 

What do you think? Do you have something specially made for you? 

Thursday, March 29, 2012

Its that time of day

My running shoes are on and my hair is in a pony tail!

It is time for the gym. This week has been stressful just coming back to school after spring break and trying to get into the swing of things. I also already have homework after 3 days of classes which is just crazy. But hey this is college. I didn't have much time to go to the gym this week but I made time everyday to do so. It is easy for me on a busy day to tell myself, "its just one day, Ill go tomorrow." This isn't the right attitude and I know that sometime it is hard to get motivated though. But I am working on it everyday and if you have the right music on your ipod going to the gym can be fun!

Also at the end of the week on Sunday, I will be posting a screen shot of what my Web MD Food and Fitness Planner after one week. So keep a look out for that:)


Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Springtime equals pink time

 So spring is here once again and I for one could not be happier about it. Like I have said in earlier posts Seattle is not the best place to be in the winter so I am very grateful for spring. Spring not only brings better weather to us less fortunate but it also brings out the beautiful flower blossoms. Around campus today I couldn't help but to see pink everywhere! I am not a huge fan of pink but man after 4 long months of winter in the Pacific Northwest I am excited to see any color but gray. I also got a free pair of pink Rent the Runway sunglasses last week and I was wearing them today and I thought this is the perfect opportunity to show them off.

Let me explain a little bit more. My college was having a fashion show and there was tons of local businesses as well as bigger chains marketing their merchandise. Well why my friends and I were waiting in line to go into the fashion show some of the companies had booths set up with some of there merchandise and they were giving it out for free. And I snagged these awesome sunglasses!

                      All of these photos are taken by Me! 

Well there you go. These sunglasses are perfect for spring go check out Rent the Runway. I also through in a few pink blossom pictures as you can see.

Is there something you snagged for free? What is it and where did you get it?

Carlee J

Sunday, March 25, 2012

Enjoying the sunshine while it is still free

Just some sun over spring break. Well you see I am from eastern Washington and the sun shines all the time there. Not so much in Seattle. Which is extremely unfortunate. I actually didn't realize how much the sun effects my mood until I came back from Seattle to my home and I was so thankful to be out of the cold rain. Now don't get me wrong I love Seattle. And I always say "Seattle when it is sunny there is no better city in the world."Not like I would really know since I haven't seen the whole world but hopefully some day I will and I will be able to say that statement and know I am right.

Well there you have it. Me, just enjoying the sunshine in my backyard.

Where do you enjoy the sun at? In a tropical place or your backyard like me?

Carlee J

PS. The sun glasses are from the store Icing. They were on sale for 8 dollars.

I've been slacking..

So spring break has come and gone and I have realized that I have been majorly slacking on my weight loss plan and goals. I have gained 4 pounds back! So those 6 pounds I lost before spring break is now down to two. Now I feel mad at myself for not sticking with it when I was home on spring break. There are just so many temptation when I go home to not eat like I should or exercise regularly. Here are my top temptation.

1. Mom's home cooking!
2. No time to exercise because I want to be spending it with my family and boyfriend.
3. Date nights with my boyfriend. (Yummy restaurants)
4. Snacks are readily available at my house.

Now that I have written these down I have realized they are all just excuses. And there is no place in my life for excuses. It is easy to slip up and then I feel guilty about it later on. I know that if I persist and stay on my Food and Fitness Planner from Web MD, I will be on the right track and start to see the results I want.  I just need to not go off the plan. It is ok to have a ice cream cone or a bag of buttery popcorn every now and again but when I was on spring break I wasn't eating the way I should have been. I was eating a lot of snacks and to much!

So I am headed off to the gym to get my head back in the exercising mode before classes start tomorrow. Wish me luck!

What experience have you had with weight loss slip ups? How did you overcome them?

Carlee, All Things Average Girl

Friday, March 23, 2012

Food and Fitness Planner

Losing weight can be miserable!

I have always been an athlete I played basketball, soccer and I ran track in high school. So by the time that college came around I was ready to focus on my education and my future career and not sports. Well needless to say, I gained weight my first quarter of college because I wasn't exercising like I used to. I also could eat anything I wanted and the calories from college partying didn't help either. By the time that fall quarter was over I had gained 8 pounds. I know that is not that much but any girl will agree with me 8 pounds seems like 20. I knew I had to start exercising and eating healthier.

I started googling things like 'how to lose weight in college,' 'easy weight lose tips' etc. When I came across Web MD. Of course I had heard of Web MD before because whenever I had some sort of sickness and my mom wasn't around to help I would go to Web MD for what I should do. This time I was there for weight loss help. I found something called the Food and Fitness Planner. This is a free plan that helps you lose weight! I thought I might as well give it a try, so I did. 

First the planner asked me to fill out my profile. I answered questions about weight, height, activity level, age, gender. I made a weight goal for myself and how much weight I wanted to lose a week. The planner then calculates how many calories I should eat a day and how many calories I should burn in a week. Don't get the wrong idea. Losing weight is definitely not all about counting calories and I knew that. I needed to eat the right caloies. Things like beans, vegetables, fruit, cheese, meats. The planner helps you with this as well because you can track your fat intake, sugar, carbohydrates, sodium etc. so I could tell if the food I was eating was right for my body and weight lose goals. 

I have lost 6 pounds so far in 2 weeks and I am on track with my plan and goals. If you want to lose a few extra pounds or 20 pounds you should check this out! Keep in mind it might not be for everyone, but so far it is working for me.

I will keep you updated with my weight lose journey. I'll let you know all about my struggles and how I deal with temptations. Stay tuned.

Has anyone out there tried the Web MD Food and Fitness Planner? How did it go? What other methods of losing weight have you tried?

Carlee J 

Thursday, March 22, 2012

Introductions Please

         So first I will start with a little bit about myself. My name is Carlee and I am a freshman at the University of Washington. I love it their, Seattle is great and rainy.
      I want to start blogging because I want a way to express myself and maybe if I can help someone out  or someone can relate to me in some way then that is great. I love the life I have been given, although I have worked hard for it as well.
    Throughout this blog I will be talking about fashion, losing and gaining weight in college, my relationship, food, and much more. I appreciate any comments or advice or questions for me as well. Stay tune for my first really blog entry.