Tuesday, February 28, 2017

My brother's wedding

My brother's wedding was about a month ago. January 28 to be exact and the bride and groom just got all the photos back. They also got the original digital copies so they could share with everyone. That is one thing I regret about my wedding, having an old school photographer that doesn't give you all the digital copies. It was fun to be able to look through all 1200 + photos and pick out the ones I liked the best and just download them straight to my computer. I love the ones of all the girls getting ready in the hotel suite and then my next favorite ones are the ones of the reception. My favorite part of any wedding, including mine, was the party and dancing part! 

Unfortunately, my leg was/ is broken during this time so I was on crutches or my scooter but everyone including bridesmaids I had just met were SO NICE and helpful. I think that it one reason I like these photos a lot. You can't even tell I have a broken leg and I look halfway normal again! yipppppeeee haha. 
My mom actually did the wedding cake. She used to be a wedding cake decorator years ago and she did my wedding cake 3.5 years ago. While it was stressful for her to do this cake, it turned out lovely. And a bunch of soon to be brides had asked if she would do their cake, she probably won't but I think it's really flattering to know she did such a great job. The last photo is one of my favorites, it the only time I got to dance without crutches. I am dancing with my brother's best man who I have known since I was 14. 11 years!!! It was a really fun night and now I need someone else to get married so we can go to another good party.
love, Carlee

Wedding details
Photographer: Vera Pash Photo
Venue: Court in the Square, Seattle WA

Sunday, February 26, 2017

25 before 26

Before I talk about my goals for this year let's revisit my goals from last year. So I did actually accomplish the majority of my goals from last year. A big one being moving to Italy. Some of the things I didn't accomplish are being brought over to this year for example Finish my Italian Duolingo tree, updating my website, and reading. I tried to make some of my goals a little more specific this year instead of broad like "become fluent in Italian" which can be really broad and differ depending on who you ask. So I tried to make more trackable goals.

Anyways, as most of you know I broke my leg back in November so my main goal for this year is to become 100% health again and that means doing 1 hour or more of PT a day. I also want to travel so much more this year. After breaking my leg and spending about 4 months in the states I realize how valuable my time in Italy is and it was going by fast even when I was there enjoying it. So I am ready to get back and be with my husband and dog. Here are my 25 goals before I turn 26.

1. Travel to 6 new countries.
-Greece, Lithuania, Latvia, Poland, Germany, France, Romania, Czech Republic, Denmark, Sweden

2. Take the train to Florence, Italy

3. Get Knox his pet passport.

4. Decorate house.
     -Paint walls in bedroom & living room, gallery wall in bedroom etc.

5. Rent a car and not have to pay the underage fee!!!!!!!!!

6. Buy plants for garden and house.

7. Design 5 new mugs
Bear, Hippo, Cow, Koala, Camel (this one didn't make it to the shop yet)

8. Travel somewhere solo
Yes to Denmark and Sweden

9. Go to a Napoli soccer game

10. Read 15 books Yes, if you include college books which I am.

11. Finish Italian Duolingo tree

12. Do PT (physical therapy) twice a week. Yes I did this until they said they did't need to see me anymore.

13. Make my own e-commerce site

14. Write my nighttime dreams down in a journal when I wake up

15. Record 1SE

16. Have 6000 sales in my Etsy shop (almost 5900!)

17. Expand my shop with more product(s). Ideas: (tea towels, tote bags, coasters, washi tape, wrapping paper, notepads, calendars etc.)

18. Save money.

19. Open a Society 6 account and sell products there.

20. Continue to form personal relationships with new friends and our landlords (meaning plan dates, things to do with each of them once a month)

21. Get a King Size bed

22. Remove "like" from my vocabulary. Unless I am using it how it is suppose to be used.

23. Write for 1 hour 3 days a week. (For novel preferably but anything will do.)

24. Send all my friends and family cards on their birthdays!

25. 20 new cases in my Casetify shop by this time next year. (already added 5 new abstract cases)

Last updated on February 20, 2018

Thursday, February 16, 2017

Disposable Camera || Roll 8

Another disposable camera roll film! I start these when we first got to Italy and just got the roll developed a couple weeks ago. As you can see, it goes from our trip to Amalfi in August until my broken leg in December. I love the disposable camera thing. You take a photo and don't get to see it until weeks or in my case, months later. It is so wonderful. I also like the quality of film photos there is something different and charming about that. I am using that word a lot lately... charming haha. Anyways, hope everyone's week is going well. My leg is continuing to heal good and I get to put more and more weight on it each day!
love, Carlee 

Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Bob Ross painting party for my birthday

Hey guys I wanted to share some fun photos from my birthday which was two days ago. We had a Bob Ross painting party. I saw this on the internet a couple of weeks ago and it looked amazing. Also my mom and I were going to go do a paint and sip at a local business last week but it got canceled so I was itching to do a little step by step painting and Netflix has all those Bob Ross episode where he legit takes you through how to paint the whole picture. I picked out an episode beforehand based on the supplies we had on hand and a few of us got together for my birthday to paint and drink wine. It was a lot of fun. I also had brownies (I'm not a fan of cake) and we didn't have a 5 candle so I got a 4 and a 1 so it looked like 241 on my brownies it was pretty funny. 
I love the way our paintings turned out. Every one's was a little bit different but you can tell we followed the same steps. It would have been easier if we were using exactly what Bob Ross was using. We were using acrylics and he was using oil paints. But it worked out well and it was a lot of fun. 
love, Carlee 

Thursday, February 9, 2017

Snow Day

We are getting so much snow here. And while I am 100% ready for spring, I have been embracing it while it is here because it really is so beautiful. These photos are from yesterday when we got about 6 more inches of snow. All the mountain passes in the state of Washington were closed yesterday because of the winter storm so we huddle up by the fire and watched moving yesterday. It was a good one. I hadn't really taken any photos of the snow since I have been here and I thought it would be a same if I didn't the whole time I was in WA so I pulled out the big camera yesterday and took some. They are really lovely. 
love, Carlee

Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Broken leg update!

Hey all, I have not been around here in a while and it is not because I haven't wanted to be. It's mostly because I don't feel like I have anything really worth sharing. My leg/ankle is broken and its the dead winter still here in Eastern Washington and it seems like spring will never come haha. But I actually got some good news today. I went to see my doctor and he was very excited about the healing and movement in my foot! He said that I could start bearing a little bit of weight on my right leg again building up until I am 100% weight bearing. I will still be using my crutches for stability and be in my boot. But it is progress and I am excited. I will have another appointment at the end of February were, if all goes well, I will get out of the boot and start walking more. We will see. It's been 10 weeks and I am having with the progress I have made. 
I guess I do have a few things to share, I finished a book in January (first full book I have read since June 2016, shhhhhh don't tell anyone.) And I am about halfway through another so I will share those reviews on here. I do want to get back to posting. That is something I have always done whether people have been reading or not and it will be good to get back into that and feel 'normal' or at least do things I used to normally do. Anyways, thats all for now. Thanks for the love and prayers. 
love, Carlee