Thursday, February 28, 2013

Gray blue combination

The days seem to go by pretty fast lately. The quarter is ending soon which I am thankful for. I am ready for new classes and new students to meet. If I was being completely honest I would say that I am actually ready for the whole year to be over. But then I would just be getting ahead of myself and I know I need to enjoy these days and weeks here in college with my great friends. 
Over the past couple of months I have been seeing some great 30x30 remix projects going on and I am loving all of them. I really really want to try one but I don't think I will be able to stay motivated to take an outfit photo ever day and somedays I have class until late and it is dark when I get done. So maybe later in the spring or in the summer. We will see. I also plan on starting a new exercise a day for the month. I loved doing the 50 push ups each day and I think I will continue to do those just add something else. 
Anyways have a wonderful Thursday and I think that I get to see my family this weekend. Which I am excited about as always. I love them a lot.
love, Carlee
Jeans & Cardigan: Old Navy
Blouse: Forever 21
Socks: H&M
Boots: borrowed from the roomie (with permission of course) 

Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Little Sloth: the business behind the nickname

I started my Etsy shop one month ago and so far everything is going well. I really love it and designing cards is so much fun! I thought it would be fun to start a feature that gives you guys a peek inside my shop Little Sloth. I will talk about all sorts of things related to my shop so all of you can get to know my shop better and also me as a card designer. The first topic I am going to discuss is The Business Behind the Nickname. Are you wondering what I am talking about?
How did the nickname come about? Clark gave me the nickname Little Sloth when we first started date. You see when we first started dating we were both in high school we spent a lot of our time watching tv and movies at each other's houses and being really lazy. He eventually started calling me Little Sloth and it just suck. This isn't my only nickname from Clark by any means, let me tell you that boy is in to giving me nicknames. ha. 

Why did I name my shop this? 
I wanted to get my business name right. When I first started my blog I named it something on a whim because I wanted to get it going. Then I realized I needed a better name and something that was me and I could brand. So I ended up changing it about 2 months into blogging. I didn't want my readers to be confused by the change but also I wanted to change the name because it wasn't right for me or for the way I wanted my blog to go. 

I didn't want to do the same with this my card shop. I wanted to name it something that was unique and me and I spent a lot of time thinking about what I wanted to name my shop. It wasn't something I took lightly and I am glad I didn't and I am glad I just didn't jump into it. Little Sloth was always in the running and I am glad it was my final decision because it totally suits me and what my card shop is. My greeting cards and I will be able to grow with the shop and that feels right. 

I am excited to share more about Little Sloth with you all in the future. It is exciting to have just started a business.  I am loving it so far though. You'll be getting more peeks inside my shop to come. If you have any specific questions about it I would love to answer them.
love, Carlee

p.s. like Little Sloth's Facebook Page to keep up to date with what is going on in the shop, inside photos and exclusive discounts. 

Monday, February 25, 2013

Everywhere green

I like this outfit. It is definitely me. I love wide leg jeans, boots, a great black t, and a olive green jacket. Perfect. It is very casual and laid back and probably not even blog worthy but I think that is what makes it great. I am definitely drawn to a more casual and simple style even though I have been trying more lately to develop my style further. But an outfit like this is just a staple in any closet well at least it is in mine. It is also the perfect outfit for the weekend. 
One thing that I do love about Seattle and the west side is that it is SO green, everywhere. Just the other day I was amazing at how moss literally grows everywhere. On the sidewalks, lamp poles, brick buildings, everywhere. How does this happen? I shouldn't question it because I really do love it. Coming from eastern Washington the color tones are mostly beige and gray. So I love the green.
Also, I got my hair trimmed and layered a little bit. It was much needed and it feels so much better and definitely easier to style and handle. Yay for a good haircut. I actually when to a beauty shop on my campus which was super convenient and the lady did an amazing job. I will definitely go to her again in the future. Sometime I feel like I want bands then I immediately talk myself out of it because what would I do with bands? My hair is naturally curl and by the end of the day my hair is usually up in a messy bun there is no way I could handle having bands. But I must say they look great on some ladies and I envy you. 

By the way happy Monday.
love, Carlee

Sunday, February 24, 2013

Announcement, food, and the Harlem Shake

365 project. 49-55. I still can't get enough of this project. My main goal when starting this at the beginning of the year was to try and capture my day with a photo or at least practically. I think I have done a pretty good job of that so far. Right now, my life mostly consists of classes, friends, my card shop, blogging, dorm food. I am excited to see how my life will change throughout the year and have photos to show that change. Every week I get excited to post my photos! Also lately it seems I have been taking more and more of these photos with my iPhone because it is always handy and that is super useful. But I need to get back in the habit of taking my camera with me. 

Our engagement announcement was in the paper on Monday! I love it so much. I haven't talked much about wedding plans on here because it is super hard to plan since Clark is in the military because things can change at the last minute. But I am working hard on cards to give to my bridal party to ask them to be my maid of honor/bridesmaid. I am also in the processes of designing my own invitations. We are shooting for a summer 2013 wedding. Keep your figures crossed for me. 
Yes my friends and I participated in our schools own version of the Harlem Shake. It was fun and definitely one of those college things that needs to be done. That is why were are all dressed up in UW gear and funky socks! You can view the video here. I also got to get off campus twice this week and get some yummy food! I was so happy because dorm food can get so boring. I am actually wanting to take a trip home just so I can make some homemade food. The last photo is of the flowers Clark gave me for vday. I wanted a pretty shot of them because they started to wilt. Happy Sunday.
love, Carlee

p.s. The giveaway winners for the $30 off Firmoo designer glasses have been emailed! Thanks for all who entered.

Friday, February 22, 2013

Near Future

Happy friday everyone. Did you all have a good week? My week was busy but that is how every week is now-a-days but that it okay. Because that means that the days go my fast and I am one day closer to getting to see Clark again. One of the biggest things that makes me crazy is not knowing when I will see him again. If I at least knew there was going to be some sort of ending to this waiting. Well guess what.. I get to see him at the end of March when I have spring break. I am so excited because its not just talk anymore we are planning and it is happening. I know it is still one month away but you have no idea how good it feels to know I will get to seem him again in the near future. Or maybe you do know how it feels? 
I actually haven't seen Clark in around 2 months. Wow that is crazy to think about. We use to see each other every single day because we dated in high school and now I think 2-3 months is a big deal. Just wait until he deploys and I will have to deal with a year + of not seeing him. It definitely gets difficult sometimes. It is all worth it in the end. And staying busy is ideal and what I strive to do. That is why I put off 100 pages of reading until last night. Well that is my justification at least. ha. 
And I just got to rant about these leggings for a minute. They are floral.And it looks like I am trying harder with my outfit then I actually am! I would totally be able to rock this put together look if my hair wasn't to bedheadish but that is how I roll. I think. ha. Also a few days ago Always Maylee was rocking these same leggings! How cool? 
I am glad the weekend is upon us, I don't have any really exciting plans. Just design more for my shop and get caught up on homework and my favorite shows. Do you have any big plans for the weekend?
love, Carlee

Leggings/Sweater: H&M
Shirt: Target
Boots: Old Navy

Thursday, February 21, 2013

My friend's tattoo

I think the photos say it all. This is my friends badass angle wing tattoo that she got a couple of weeks ago! It was awesome to photograph it and she can definitely rock the tattoo. Anyways just some cool photos to start of your Thursday with. 

I also love the freckles on her back I think they had a cool element to the over all tattoo look! Anyways have a great day!
love, Carlee

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

A little facelift

My blog has gotten a little facelift these past few days! Nothing to extreme so you may or may not have noticed. I have been working on branding my blog more and making more 'me.' All the blogs/books tell you if you want a successful blog you have to have a good appearance and a brand to go with your blog. That is what I have been striving for. I think I am getting close as well because I have gotten a lot of compliment on my blogs new apperance. Thank you for your kind words. I also did all the design myself. I am no way a blog designer but I have a good time designing my own. I want to stay somewhat consistent, but I am sure there will be some tweaking of the blog design/layout along the way. 


What do you think?

Monday, February 18, 2013

Winter western

I want to snow to be gone because ...well I want it to be spring already! I know everyone is feeling the same. I am ready for the warm air and the lighter days. But I know I am not alone in that.

I don't have a whole lot to say on this post. I had a very good weekend. I watched two UW sporting events gymnastics and basketball. We won both. I have never watched gymnastics live and it was awesome. It is also my favorite sport in the Olympics to watch so it was fun getting to support my college team! I am also glad that I don't have classes today because I need to catch up on all of my homework. I hope everyone has a great Monday.
love, Carlee
Boots: old
Socks: H&M
Pants: Old Navy
Blouse: Gap

Sunday, February 17, 2013

A good man, birthday and pie

365 project. 42-48. This week was a very good one and a big one! My 21st birthday and Valentine's Day of course. I got some new card supplies so great! I always get super excited when shopping for arts and crafts. Tuesday was my birthday and my friends and I went out to a nice dinner and I have my first drink as a 21 year old. I even got one on the house. My birthday photo I actually stole from my friends Instagram but I screen shooted it so that counts as me taking a photo I believe. ha. I noticed my phone and water bottle match perfect..... hmmm. 

On another note, did you read my this day post about Valentine's Day? I was kind of being a downer. Feeling sorry for myself that Clark wasn't here to spend it with me. But guess what he made it so special for me even from far away! He sent me roses and such a nice card. That was homemade!! Oh my gosh, I should definitely have more faith that my man will make it a good day for me. So I guess what I am saying is disregard my negative words on Thursday. I have a good man. 

It has been sunny a few days here this week. You have no idea how exciting that it! Even on Saturday and Sunday it was nice out too. On Saturday my friend and I headed down to the Fremont district in Seattle to walk around and window shop. Then we got mini pies at this bakery in Seattle. So good, I have been once before with my mom. You know how there is cupcake only shops, well it is like that but with pies and of course it has the cutest name ever Pie! They have sweet pies like apple, pumpkin, key lime, etc. and lunch/dinner pies like chicken pot pie, mac and cheese!!! If you are ever in Seattle please check this place out.

Aren't you happy you I didn't post another photo of myself in the mirror! I think I did it three weeks in a row and that just had to stop. It was a good busy week. I hope everyone enjoys their weekend and I know I will enjoy having tomorrow off.
love, Carlee

Saturday, February 16, 2013

A day: 50 push-ups

I am in the process of doing 50 push-ups a day. I actually started on January 27th so I have been doing it for about 20 days now. I am going to continue until the end of February. I have always wanted to try a 'exercise a day' project. You know like the a mile a day thing? I still want to try the a mile a day but I thought I should start with something that I can do at home or at the gym that way if I forgot one day or didn't go to the gym I could still accomplish my goal and do the push-ups at home.
I am really glad that I started with something that I could do at home because I haven't gone to the gym everyday this week yet I have still done the 50 push-ups. I started out with 'girl' push-ups. You know the on your knees ones. And I have been working my way up from there and each day I do them it is getting easier and easier! I am really liking this 'exercise' a day thing and I am thinking I will try a new one next month. I put on my 21 before 22 goal this to do an exercise 'a day' each month! 

Have any of you been participating in a mile a day? or made up your own like I have? 
love, Carlee

Thursday, February 14, 2013

This day

You know what day it is ladies, it is Valentine's Day. I am not a huge fan of Valentines day, I never have been. Then when I got a boyfriend I would always be afraid to be disappointed if he didn't get me something. And now I have a fiancĂ© that lives all the way across the country, this day isn't much better then it was in the past. 
But on a positive note my mom is coming into town today. To celebrate my bday with me. We are going shopping and out to dinner. I am sure it will be a great time. I always enjoy when my family comes into town and now my older brother only lives 30 minutes away. He graduated from college a few months ago and got a job over here on the west side and now I have some family that lives close! It is nice. 

I hope everyone has a great day! Enjoy the time you get with your love. And of course I have to sport some red for vday!
love, Carlee 
Shirt: Eddie Bauer
Cardigan: Old Navy
Leggings:  Target
Socks: H&M
Boots: UGG

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

21 before 22

As you know it was my birthday yesterday as you know! The big 21!! I went out to a beautiful dinner with my girl. It was a good day. I wanted to share my 21 before 22 with you all! I already made 13 goals for 2013 now I have 21 goals before next February that is 34 goals!! I am excited to accomplish the things I have set out to do through.
So I wont go back through and elaborate on all of these but some. 1. It only one thing happens on this whole list on 21 things I hope it is the first one. I want to marry Clark this year. 4. So you know when people do the "a mile a day" thing. Well I have decided to try something like this but switch what it'll be every month. February it has been push-ups which I'll be posting later this week. But it would be sit ups, lunges, miles, etc. 6. I have always had a goal to continue to grow my blog. But I finally put a number on it. 1,000 followers by next year. Do you think you can help me get an early start and follow along. 
I have a lot of business goals with my Little Sloth card business on Etsy. So that is what some of the goals consist of when talking about designing cards and such. 12. I have written a children's book over the past year or so and I want to get it published this year. I have no idea how to go about that. 13. I actually want to be with Clark to celebrate the special days like anniversaries and birthdays. 16. Trying to stay healthy and not eat to late.
18. I have a really hard time being a way from Clark sometimes. I put on a brave face but sometime it gets difficult. I hope to deal with the difficult situations better in the future. 

Ya, that mirror pic just happened. I hope you enjoyed reading my goals.I like writing down my goals and keeping myself accountable by publishing them on my blog! 
love, Carlee