Sunday, June 30, 2013

My home

I feel like I am dropping the ball on this whole blogging thing. I mean I haven't posted in a whole week! Since the last 365 post. And here I am again today just to post a 365. It is important to me to stay caught up on this project I think it is going to be so wonderful to look back on the year that has past and see how much has changed and such. 

And my excuses for not posting much well they are because I get to see Clark this next week and we are getting married. I am also packing up to move across the country the week after that. So yeah. Busy week. I could share a bunch of wedding/packing photos with you but instead for this 365 I want to remember my hometown. Enjoy.
So this is what my home looks like. Northern Washington in the summertime is the place to be I am telling you. 1. Hank the sweetest dog ever. 2. Home. 3. Baseball. 4. Basketball hoop and sunset. 5. Fireworks. 6. The blow up man in our backyard to scare away the birds from eating the cherries. 7. Chicken at my mom's house. 

My home is wonderful. I am also excited to make a new come in North Carolina with Clark. It will be an adventure that is for sure. I will update more soon. Hopefully. 
love, Carlee 

Saturday, June 22, 2013

Catching up with 365

So I am a little behind on everything lately. I guess packing to move from Washington to North Carolina and trying to get everything ready for a wedding that is happening in two weeks will do that to someone. I just wanted to catch up on my photos and my 365 project.

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

First time in Fayetteville

I visited Clark and my future home this past week. Explored Fayetteville NC and got an apartment. It was a good time. Now I am back in Washington State planning a wedding that is happening in July. Exciting stuff is happening in my life. I am so happy and excited. But also really tired and wore out. I guess that will come with wedding planning and moving across the country. ha. 

Tuesday, June 11, 2013


My go to outfit. It is so comfy, airy, but can be warm at the same time. I love taking photos in the yard at the house I grew up, it is so pretty. But I am also excited to make a house of my own. Even if it's just a one bedroom apartment. Hopefully soon I can update you more on wedding plans and moving plans. Clark is stationed in North Caroline so that is where I will be heading! Hopefully soon. 
love, Carlee
Maxi skirt: Macys
Shirt: gift
Sandals: Old Navy 

Sunday, June 9, 2013

Last week of classes

365 project. 154-160
1. My dorm room walls during the last week of school. I can't wait to take down it all! It was a good year but time to start new. 2. Packing. 3. Watching Sister Wives I am so intrigued. 4. New washi tape. 5. Laying out on the quad for the last time in my UW career. 6. Cotton candy for the last week of classes. 7. Tanning on a beautiful day and this lovely pup is my view! 
love, Carlee

Saturday, June 8, 2013

My bridal shower thank you's

My bridal shower was awesome. My mom organized it and it was very low key and really fun. I always get a little overwhelmed when the attention is all on me. Like I can't believe all these people came just to celebrate me and my future and also bring me gifts. It is so nice and I am so thankful. When people do something nice for me I want to make sure they know that I appreciate them probably more than they know. I have been told in the past that I seem unappreciative but I am SO appreciative so it has been my goal lately to make sure everyone special in my life knows how thankful I am everyday. 

I designed these cards myself through my shop Little Sloth and now they are available for Custom Order. Unless you have the same future last name as me (which would be awesome) then they will obviously need to be custom ordered. I hope everyone is enjoying the weekend.
love, Carlee

Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Apple Crisp

Okay my stepmom legit makes the best apple crisp ever! I love it so much. These are a few photos of my yummy dessert. I asked her what the recipe she uses is and she just said the recipe straight out of the Betty Crocker cook book! So moral of the story if you want good apple crisp use the Betty Crocker recipe!
love, Carlee 

Sunday, June 2, 2013

Bachelorette party and North Carolina

365 project. 146-153. I did miss last week but that is okay. Sometimes that happens and I don't think anything was to exciting, except my Bridal Shower which I already posted about! Anyways enjoy. 
1. Bachelorette Party time 2. Clark gets stationed at Ft. Bragg in North Carolina and this is him on the way there. 3. Packing up my bridal shower gifts. 4. Homemade Tacos. 5. Giant Freeze Pop's at UW! 6. I have been cleaning so much lately to start packing up to move after I get married. I have been finding great things like this secret language Clark and I made up in high school. 7. Custom order are so fun!
love, Carlee