Saturday, May 27, 2017

Oia Santorini

Oía, Santorini was amazing. Oia was our first stop on our Greece trip.  We flew from Naples, Italy to Athens and then from Athens to Santorini. We knew we wanted to do at least one of the Greek Islands and since everyone raves about Santorini we thought that it would be a really good place to go and it definitely lived up to the hype it is so beautiful.  The first place we stayed was Oia and Oia is probably the most picturesque town in Greece. When you Google or Pinterest Santorini pictures of Oia is usually what comes up it has the white houses the traditional cave houses and the blue roofed cathedrals and calderas and that gorgeous sunset and the white washed cliffside dwelling's. We stayed at Caldera Villas hotel. They picked us up from the airport in the shuttle which was really nice. And took us to the check in point which was a office in the main part of Oia and then once we got checked in someone took us to our room. The hotel was very neat it was a traditional cliffside dwelling cave and I had a pool and breakfast I would definitely recommend it. We stayed there for two nights and it was really centrally located and had a great restaurants really close it was perfect for us.
Oia was really fun to just walk around and explore it's not a very big village it's really small but there is a lot to see and do. There is a lots of shops and lots of restaurants Clark and I were talking and we came to the conclusion that we came across the most Americans so far on any trip. We have been to quite a few places in Europe and there seemed to be the most American tourist in Santorini. 
We did the fish baths where the fish eat the dead skin cells off your feet I think they first became really popular in Japan but they're also really popular in the islands of Greece and so we did one of those and it was really fun. It was kind of ticklish and kind of like a vibrating feel it wasn't so bad when you weren't looking at the fish but if you look down at your feet and saw the fish nibling on them then it was kind of weird. We also had a fantastic food while there I think we both came to the conclusion that her favorite meal was a place in Oia called, Terpsi en Oia, it was a rather expensive though. Santorini  was the most expensive place we stayed a while in Greece, but worth it. Also the bakery, Melenio Cafe, was fantastic they have really great chocolate cake! And we were told to try Skalla which we did, it was good but not my favorite place. 
One of the nights we were there we got to the sunset overlook. People say that Oia sunsets are some of the best in the world and so we wanted to see it for ourselves and while I'll say it was very pretty I don't know if it was worth waiting an hour and a half packed in like sardines with a bunch of other people on the cliffside to see it. I think there are probably many other places on the island to see the sunset that is probably just as beautiful or even more beautiful because there aren't as many people. There were lots of dogs and cats and donkeys in Santorini and they all seem to have owners even though they all kind of did their own thing and we're just around laying in the front of shops. The dogs and the cats would lay in the sun and people come along a pet them.
We also got a swim in the pool at our hotel and it was absolutely amazing stunning views and it was great because it was just the two of us during the day. I think everyone else was out exploring. I would definitely recommend trying to explore the town in the morning or in the evening if you're actually staying there because in the afternoon we noticed that it was super busy with all of the cruise ship people coming up from Fira. And since we were actually staying in Oía we have the luxury to kind of bypass some of the big crowds. So during the day we enjoyed the sunshine and pool! I have way to many photos to share, sorry about the overload but this is even me narrowing down a lot! 
love, Carlee
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Tuesday, May 9, 2017

The Last Letter from Your Lover: JoJo Moyes

This was the first book by JoJo Moyes I have read. I did watch the movie, Me Before You, on the airplane ride from DC to Washington State back in December and I really loved the story. So in March when I was in the airport waiting to come back to Italy, I saw this book at the book store in the airport. I read the back and picked it up. I just got around to reading it this past week and I LOVED IT! I didn't love all of the story but I really couldn't put it down. I just wanted to keep reading and find out how the story ends.

So the story start its 1960 and two people fall madly in love. Unfortunately, the women is already married. They write letters to each other because that is one of the only ways they can communicate. He is a writer so he pours his heart and soul out to her via letters. The affair goes on for a while and she doesn't leave her husband although she is unhappy. The story gets cut off and you jump to 2003.

In 2003 there is Ellie that is also a writer that is having an affair with a married man. They don't write letters though because in 2003 text message is the way to communicate and not long passionate love letters. She does however find some of the love letters from 1960 and wants to find out what happened to the couple. Maybe if their affair had a happy ending then hers could to.

It was definitely a page turner. I just wanted to know what happened as well. There was some fluff wording. I don't love long descriptive paragraphs that seem to add nothing to the story. But other than that like I said I really liked it. Not gonna give any spoilers away. It is cute love story. And you can basically get two love stories for the price of one.
love, Carlee

Quotes I liked from the book: 

In my experience there is no one more brutally impartial than a wife.

War zones, he thought, were easier. Safer. In war zones you could always tell who the enemy was.

She is pretty enough to attract attention that she still pretends offends her.

Monday, May 8, 2017

Anfiteator Campano

On Saturday, we headed just 20 minuets up the road from our house to the Campania Amphitheater. If you want to look it up use the Italian name "Anfiteator Campano" and you'll find it easier.  It was the second largest amphitheater in the world just after the Colosseum in Rome. Now it is just ruins but it is still amazing. It cost 2.50 euro per person to get in and there is a little tiny museum with ruins and gladiator amor. Even though it was a Saturday we basically had the whole place to ourselves. We were the only people there until we started to leave and there was another couple walking in. It was amazing.
The underground portion of the amphitheater where the gladiators would get ready and where the animals were held was in wonderful condition. I read on the internet that the underground is the best preserve out of all the left standing amphitheaters including the Colosseum. And we were totally alone down there! Now there is moss and plants growing all over down there. I think it beautiful that way. Obviously back in the day it would have been all clean and just stone. And probably lots of animal waster, can you image the smell? You can't go out into the little of the amphitheater. They probably don't want you falling through any rotten wood or the grates. 
Clark making sure my butt isn't showing haha.

A word of advice, when you pull up to the amphitheater site park right there on the side of the road. Instead of following the parking sign. We followed the parking sign at first and parked and walked up to the amphitheater. You can still see if from the parking lot so we walked up to it but there is a fence and turns out the entrance is when you first see the amphitheater so we got back in the car and drove to where you first can see it. 
love, Carlee 
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Friday, May 5, 2017

Baia di Leranto

After our first hike to the archeological site and lunch in Sorrento we went to our camping area to change then headed out for a 'secret beach' in a little town just on the other side of the hill from Sorrento. According to our friends the hike was only 1km each way but it was more like 2.5 miles one way haha. It was a long hike. It was definitely worth it. The views were gorgeous and the beach was amazing. The water perfectly clear. 
Clark and all the boys jumped in the water and splashed around for a while. They jumped off the rocks. I wish I could jump off the rocks too, I think I just need some good water shoes and then I will be back at it again.  I soaked my feet in the cold Mediterranean Sea to help the achyness with my ankle. It felt a lot better. Then I laid on the beach and collected sea glass. 
We were definitely the last ones up the hill on the way back. Seeing the wildflowers growing on the hills and the sun starting to peak behind the coastline was beautiful. It was a lovely golden hour hike. Of course, I said some "I don't think I'm gonna make it" and "just leave me here" a few too many times. But once we made it back to the town, we were greeted with fresh strawberries, water, and cookies. It really was a lovely day. My ankle was very very sore in the evening and the next day. But worth it. 
love, Carlee