Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Current snapshots

Here are some fun current photos that have been floating around my computer lately. These past couple of weeks have been busy. Last weekend Clark headed out to California for three days to do a funeral detail for one of the soldiers that past away in this company. Knox and I both missed him a lot and it has been good to have him back. He got Monday and also today off from work because he did the funeral detail so we have been helping a friend move apartments. We have also been looking into moving apartments when our lease is up in July. We check out an apartment yesterday and it was a total bust. It is definitely making staying at our current apartments better and better. We like our current apartment, we were just seeing if there was a place for cheaper that was still a good quailty. Anyways here are some current photos. 
1. Peach popsicle. This is my second popsicle recipe. I found my popsicle molds in store at Bed Bath and Beyond. The recipe was fresh peaches, freshly squeezed orange juice, lemon juice, a dash of sugar and water blended all together. 

2. I am sharing Little Sloth updates on my instagram account. Just sold my first batch of these new bridesmaid cards

3. So I killed my succulent. Basicly the easiest plant to keep alive, I killed. I think I overwatered it. But thankfully my cactus is still alive. 

4. There is a little pond behind our apartment complex that is home to geese and little baby geese and also turtles. 

5. Clark and the other soldiers in California for funeral detail. Clark said it was super emotional. 

6. Making my first batch of popsicles. This one was strawberries, raspberries, and orange juice. Along with a dash of sugar and some water. 

7. I am participating in Skunkboy's disposable challenge. I have about 8 photos left and will be sharing them over at littlesloth_

8. On Saturday, friends and I attended the Fayetteville Dogwood festival and we got to see John Michael Montgomery play which was pretty cool. 

9. Knox is my little buddy and helping with order packaging!
Happy Tuesday.
love, Carlee

Thursday, April 24, 2014


Everything is getting so green out and I am happy that the background of my photos aren't just brown/yellow. Yay for spring time. Clark and I were driving back from the grocery store over the weekend and I just kept commenting on how everything is green now. The grass and the trees. It is crazy how just a few short weeks ago it was so barren, brown and depressing. But not know more. 
Lately, I have been trying to find a popsicle mold in stores. I can find them everywhere online but I would rather just pick them up in a store. Summer is coming so popsicles just sound like a great idea. Also they seem like a great nighttime snack. So does anyone know where I can find popsicle molds in a store. I would love your suggestions. 
I also can't believe this is my first time sharing an outfit with these shoes. I got them at Belk, it is a department store like Macy's/ JCPenneys that was founded in North Carolina and is aimed at Southern women. The only reason I say they are aimed at Southern women is because their slogan is Modern. Southern. Style. But of course I am not southern and I think they have some great stuff. Including these shoes which have been my go to footwear lately. 
love, Carlee
Tank: Forever 21
Pants: Target
Shoes: Belk
Sunglasses: American Eagle 

Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Oak Island Lighthouse

We visited this Lighthouse on Friday when we went to Caswell Beach. It is at the end of the beach and while we were relaxing we could actually see it in the distance so I wanted to go check it out. Turns out its not that great of a lighthouse. It's just like a big pole right in the middle a residential area. Obviously the houses weren't there before but now there are houses all around the light and there is just a little walk way up to the light.
After we checked out the light we got some fast food, ate in the parking lot, and then headed home. It was a good day. I didn't think this outfit really warrant more than one outfit photo because it's just plaid and sweats. Which is the best thing right? Anyway, it was comfy.
love, Carlee
Shirt: Forever 21
Pants: Target
Sandals: Old Navy

Monday, April 21, 2014

Caswell Beach

On Friday Clark, Knox (the dog) and I headed to the beach. Caswell beach is south of Wilmington and is the closest beach to Fayetteville that is dog friendly year round. We were planning on going on Sunday but the weather forecasted looked like it was suppose to rain. I am glad we went on Friday even though it was a little cloudy and windy it was still a lot of fun. Knox loved the water. When he was younger he was not to sure about that water and I was convinced that he didn't like it but this time changed my mind. He loved that water and Clark took one for the team and got wet so Knox could enjoy himself. I also got in the water but not as wet as Clark (see photo below.) Good thing we brought extra pants!
So this day while good was actually filled with mishaps. First I wanted to go to Fort Anderson/Brunswick Town which I had never been so we drove 15 minutes out of the way, turns out it was closed. Even though it was suppose to be open. Probably cause Easter weekend. Next while trying to the to the beach we drove down a road that was a dead end with no signs saying it was a dead end. Then on the way home we were driving and turns out the road was closed with no signs warning us or stating detour! What the heck. So we had to back track a little.
It was a good day though. We got to relax on the beach and enjoy time together with our dog. There was actually quite a few people/families there. It was nice seeing others enjoy the calm and relaxing by the ocean. After we got home from the beach in the evening we invited our friends out to have pizza at the Mellow Mushroom which was probably the perfect end to our day. Yay for beach day. But next time I want it to be warm and sunny.
love, Carlee

Thursday, April 17, 2014

Clark's new tattoo

At the end of March Clark got a new tattoo. He always wanted a tattoo on this arm and new Army regulations are coming out saying that you can't get below the elbow tattoos after April. So there was a short time frame to get this tattoo he wanted. I took photos of it last weekend, I wanted to make sure that it was all healed before I took photos. 
The tattoo represents Washington State. As you can see that there is the space needle which is 100% Washington State. But I am glad that Clark decided to put the space needle in the back that way the tattoo doesn't scream SEATTLE. Just represents Washington. He got it done in Newton, NC at The Studio by Margaret, which is who did his first tattoo. And highly recommended by Clark. So yeah, just thought I would share his new tattoo, I like it.
love, Carlee

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Blooming florals

So basically I only take photos by flowers/flowering trees in the spring. At least that's how it has seemed lately. But it is spring people and florals are in and florals are blooming everywhere and what kind of person would I be if I didn't take advantage of all these beautiful flowers. The blooming trees here in NC are gorgeous! This tree is actually right by our apartments. When we were driving into our apartments the other day Clark said "we should take your photo by that tree" and that is when you know you got a good husband that is totally on board this is whole blogger thing.
Clark and I plan on helping one of Clark's buddies move on Saturday and on Sunday (Easter) we are planning on heading to the beach with Knox for the day. I think it will be a good weekend. At least I hope so. We plan on heading to Caswell Beach/Oak Island Beach which is south of Wilmington and it is the closest year round dog beach to Fayetteville. We plan on taking food and towels and hopefully it will be warm enough to swim in the ocean.
Last night Clark and I cleaned the apartment from top to bottom. Knox is officially in shedding mode for the summer and we brush him every other day and he is still shedding like crazy. You should have seen our vacuum bag when we cleaned it. So much dog hair. Now its clean though. Yay for a clean apartment. Have a nice Wednesday.
love, Carlee
Pants: H&M
Top: Target
Sandals: Belk
Sunglasses: American Eagle 

Monday, April 14, 2014

Military Ball: 112th Shadow Ball

On Saturday, Clark and I went to our first military ball. It was actually a lot of fun. I was a little bit nervous because I didn't really know what to expect but Clark was also really nervous because he was on the color guard. Meaning that he was in the group the brought in the American flag along with the Battalion flag and then retired them after the speeches and such. It was actually a pretty big deal and he did a great job. 
The night started off with cocktail hour. We mingled and laughed. Most people stayed in groups with people that they know so it wasn't to nerve racking. Once we found our friends we had some good laughs. Then we were seating in the ball room, and the colors (flags) were brought in. There was some toast and some speeches. Then about 10 soldiers from another battalion at Fort Bragg sang  Acapella which I thought was one of the coolest things. Soldiers singing Acapella who knew? Then we ate dinner. We had salad, chicken and rice, and cheesecake. It was actually REALLY good. Yay for good free food. Then after dinner there was more speeches and awards given. Then the colors were retired and the dance floor was opened up and the DJ started playing music. 
We got our photos taken and also took some photo booth pics. Which I thought was one of the best parts of the night. Then headed back into dance. A lot of the people left after the dinner and speeches but I thought one of the best things was dancing. Not many people danced but Clark and I had a great time. And I thought the DJ was actually pretty good, meaning he played all the songs I liked! So yeah I would say our first militaty ball was a success. We had fun and it was good. 
Dress & Bracelet: Macys
Shoes (not pictured): Old Navy

Saturday, April 12, 2014

Currently | April 12

Currently I am doing my finger nails and toe nails for the military ball tonight.

Purchased Florida Georgia Line and Nelly concert tickets for June.

Started an instagram account just for Little Sloth blog/shop updates.

Having blisters on my feet from working out this week.

Making these muffins again.

Typing this blog post up while Clark is still sleeping this morning. 

Did a custom order with names on the bridesmaid cards. 

Reaching 1,000 sales in my shop last week! A huge THANK YOU to all my customers. 

Listing to The South by the Cadillac Three and all Florida Georgia Line

Watching old episodes of the Office on Netflix 

What are you all up to this weekend? 
love, Carlee

Thursday, April 10, 2014

Redbud tree

There have been these purple trees have been everywhere and blooming like crazy around North Carolina. When we went to Durham this past weekend they were all over the side of the roads. I did a little research and this tree is actually the Redbud tree. The florals rang from a dark pink magenta color to a purple. They are found from the east coast to Oklahoma/Texas. It's harder to grow on the west coast because not enough water so that is why I have never seen them. I seriously can't get enough of all the blooming flowers and trees here in the NC. Seriously so gorgeous. I also had to throw in a photo with a dogwood at the end. I mean NC's state flower is the dogwood. 
These photos were taken on Sunday after Clark and I went grocery shopping. And in the parking lot where we parked to take these photos there was a man teaching his daughter how to drive. It was really sweet. After driving for years its funny looking back and remembering what it was like to learn to drive. How nervous racking it was. And now it is just second nature.
Currently, I am making healthy desserts since we had been eating chocolate chip cookies like crazy. Why are chocolate chip cookies so good? I decided that I need to nip that habit in the bud. Easier said than done though right?  Also the military ball is this weekend and I am pretty excited about it. Mostly just for the dancing and having a fun night out. I hope it is fun at least. And its not everyday that one gets to put on a floor length gown and get all done up. I'll be sharing photos!
love, Carlee 
Old Navy: Sandals, Shirt, Jeans 
Cardigan: American Eagle 
Sunglasses: Target