Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Things I have screenshotted v. 02

Hey guys, I am back with another things I screenshotted post! I didn’t realize how much stuff I screenshotted until after doing my last post and usually I just keep them in my photo album on my iPhone until I am like I don’t need this anymore and delete it. So I thought sharing them here would be perfect also because a lot of the things I screenshot are funny and everyone could use a little humor. 

This little mini pottery succulent pot is the cutest! And from hinkleville on etsy. If only I could keep alive cactuses or succulents. I just need a place with a good window ledge.
Have you seen Jurassic World yet? We saw it the other weekend and I actually really liked it. And this part was SO FUNNY haha. Also did you hear that it was the biggest box office opening in history? Also I love Chris Pratt, but who doesn’t?
So my hometown in Washington State is going to be REALLY HOT this next week. I was thinking that it was hot here at 101 degrees but I am so glad that we aren’t getting 108-109 degree weather. One lucky thing for eastern Washington is that it is dry heat and not humid like here in North Carolina. But still I am telling my parents to get that AC turned up.
Voilet Tinder has my favorite instagram feed!! Like ever. And summer with sweets I mean could this photo get any better.
 I got this shirt for Clark! I love it and he is totally into fun shirts like this. He calls them his party shirts haha. After seeing this I totally want to do a toucan mug for my shop
I love these flower/animal art. They are so pretty go check out the flora forage instagram for more awesomeness!
Stay Classy Fayetteville, NC! haha
I 100% agree that love is love and I think it is so nice that anyone across all the US can get married to their true love. But this graphic really made me laugh because the Not Age one with a 16 and a 36 year old. (ummm 16 is a little young haha)

And below a bunch of other hilarious stuff that I loved!
Also I think this is some great advice!
love, Carlee

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Monday, June 29, 2015

Mash House

This weekend Clark and I didn’t really have any plans so when Saturday rolled around and we were just chilling we decided that we should go to the movies and also to the Mash House. The Mash House was one of the restaurants that I have been wanting to try in Fayetteville. It has really good reviews so we decided that it would be great to try. 
Before we went to the Mash House we went to a matinee movie. We saw the Disney Pixar animated movie Inside Out. It is literally the cutest movie ever. You should totally go see it. During the previews Clark said “we should have kids so we can go see all these movies” and I was like we can see them now haha. After the movies we headed to the Mash House around 4pm. It was nice because the place wasn’t very busy. 
I ordered the flatbread ham & cheese sandwich with a cup of potato soup. And Clark ordered the french dip with french fries. The french fries were so good, and thick and curly! My food was great as well and the service was good! Clark and I aren’t big beer drinkers but the Mash House brew there own. They also make there own root beer which we did order. I had the root beer float and Clark had a regular root beer and it was good! Have a great Monday!
love, Carlee 
Tank: Forever 21
Skirt: Old Navy
Boots: TJ Maxx
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Thursday, June 25, 2015

Fish Traps

We headed to Raven Rock State Park again on Monday. Clark had the day off so it was the perfect time to head out there. We brought Knox along so I wanted to go on a day that there wouldn’t be very many people. If you go to Raven Rock and want to get the shortest distance to the river you need to head down the Fish Traps trail. I am not exactly sure why it’s called the fish traps since once you get there it is just the river. Maybe the fishing there is really great! I have seen a few people fishing off the rocks.
Anyways we went midday on Monday and there was one other family there swimming and having fun. After about 20 minutes of us being there they felt so it was just us for a while and then two other people showed up so we pretty much had the place to ourselves for a while. It was nice we got to let Knox off his leash and he didn’t bother the other people it was nice. Knox was so adventurous and we didn’t have to coax him into the water at all. It’s about a .9 mile walk to the fish traps from the parking area so we were all pretty hot by the time we got to the water so Knox just jumped right in!
We were a little afraid that Knox was going to get swept down stream or something but he is really strong and actually a good swimmer. He got the hang out everything pretty quick and I wasn’t worried about him which was nice.

So there are water snakes in the Cape Fear River here in North Carolina. They are cottonmouth snakes also called water moccasins. I am always caution of them water snakes to me are so weird! Snakes should not be in the water anyways we actually ended up seeing one when we first got there it was in the water and it was red and slithered away under the water so weird/creepy. But he seemed scared of us haha. Also most of the time we were in the rapidy part so I wasn’t worried about the snakes being out there. But be cautions if you are ever in NC.

Anyways we had the best day! 
love, Carlee
My swimsuit is from Old Navy

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Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Summer Intentions 2015

Hey so I was thinking about some stuff I wanted to do this summer and most of the stuff is classic summer stuff and stuff that was also on my list last year but I wanted to share it here again today! Below are some of my favorite photos from summers past. 
1. Swimming in the pool in our hometown in WA when we were in high school. 2. Last summer in Myrtle Beach. 3. At Wrightsville Beach with Clark’s Mom last year. 4. Fruity drinks at the beach. 5. Lulu’s in Myrtle Beach. 6. Camping on Labor Day weekend last year at Jordan Lake.  

1. Go to a Durham Bulls baseball game (7.4.15)
2. Watch fireworks (7.4.15)
3. Swim in the river
4. Go to the beach (8.14.15 in St. Croix)
5. Take photobooth photos with Clark  (July)
6. Take 2nd year anniversary photos (6.22.15)
7. Light sparklers and dance around (6.29.15)
8. Pool party / BBQ with friends
9. Goodbye get together with our friends that are moving. (8.10.15)
10. Make a 4th of July hat for Knox 

Have any goals or intentions for this summer?
love, Carlee

Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Not Sweater Weather

Okay so I know I am wearing a cardigan in these photos but don’t let that fool you. It is not sweater weather here. What happens here in the summer (and a lot of other places too) is that it gets so hot outside like 95+ degrees that restaurants/grocery stores/ movie theaters over compensate with the Air Conditioning. So on Saturday I wore this outfit out and around taking off and putting on the cardigan when needed. Clark and I had lunch at Red Robins (I crave their salads sometimes), then we went to the mall cause Clark needed some new shorts, then I dropped Clark off at the barber shop to get his hair cut and I went to the grocery store. It was a very productive day! And this light cardigan was perfect to through on and off when going in and out of establishments. Hope your week is off to a great start!
love, Carlee
Cardigan: American Eagle
Romper: Target
Sandals: Toms.com
Necklace: vintage (was my grandmas)
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Friday, June 19, 2015

Midnight lightning storm

On Thursday night there was a thunder and lightning storm it started around 1030pm pretty far away and by 11pm it was really close to us. Knox was all freaked out cause of the thunder and I wasn’t sleeping. I thought maybe Knox needed to pee and thats why he was being so antsy so I went outside to let him go to the bathroom. It was a good thing I did to because I got to watch the lightning in the distance. So I took Knox back in the house and got my camera. Obviously the photos don’t do it justice at all. And also the photos are super grainy but I love them.

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