Sunday, January 31, 2016

Is Everyone Hanging Out Without Me? : Mindy Kaling

Second book of 2016 and I finished in just under the wire so I can say I read 2 books in January. I know I know not really an accomplishment. So I actually got this book and Mindy Kaling new book for Christmas from my brother because I had never read them and I love her and for some reason my library doesn't carry any of her books. BOOOOO. I wanted to start with this one for obviously reasons because it was the first one she wrote and I loved the book.

This is a memoir book with short stories about her life and happenings. I really enjoy a good memoir book! It was a quick and easy read and she is a really great writer. I loved when she talked about the Office because I love the Office! I also really liked hearing some of her back story because even though I really like her I didn't really know how she got her start so that was cool. My favorite stories were the one about marriage titled: Married People Need to Step it Up. And my other favorite story was When You're Not Skinny This is What People Want You to Wear. Loved these the most because I loved her take on both the subjects and I can relate to these a lot because 1. I am married and 2. I am not skinny is the model sense like she is talking about. So these really made me laugh. I love reading books like this because I end up Googleing a ton of stuff about the persona and learning even more. Some of my Google searches were:

"Mindy Kaling Brenda"

"Mindy Kaling Rainn Wilson frenemies"

"Mindy Kaling BJ Novak"

"Mindy Kaling birth name"

"What episodes of the Office did Mindy Kaling write"

Then I watched about every Youtube video of her on talkshows I could find. Good stuff.

I can't wait to read her new book Why Not Me? But I think I am going to read something in between. I was checking my local library last night and everything I wanted to read was either checkout or on the holds shelf for someone else. Gahhh But at least after I finished these books my library will now have both Mindy Kaling books because I am going to donate them to the library at least that is my tentative plan.
love, Carlee

Also favorite quote by her so far:

Friday, January 29, 2016

January Date

On Tuesday, Clark got home early from work which was awesome and we were both wanting something different for dinner. Actually I think exactly what we wanted was tasty milkshakes. So we went to Red Robin. One of my goals for this year is to go on more fun dates with Clark. Obviously this doesn't really count because it's Red Robin but I want to go on different dates. Things we haven't done yet or only done a couple times.
So yeah that's one of my goals for 2016. I will be sharing my goals mid- February because that's when my birthday is and I like to make and finish my goals around then because that's technically my new year. 

We had a great time at dinner and I enjoyed mixing up the weekdays. We also really enjoyed our milkshakes because let's be real that is the main reason we went. I am not ashamed to admit that haha. I kind of miss the old Red Robin they redid the one here in Fayetteville to make it more classy or something, they took all there fun pictures down and now serve their salads on fancy square plates which isn't my favorite. But they still make a great milkshake. 
love, Carlee
Pants: H&M
Shirt: Old Navy
Vest: Forever 21
Purse: Target
Boots: TJ Maxx
Scarf: old 

Wednesday, January 27, 2016

The Sellout : Paul Beatty

First book I read in 2016. It actually took me like a month to read which is my fault not the books. I started reading it at the end of 2015 and I took it home with me to Washington for xmas and I thought I would read it on the plane but I didn't. So I just sat in my backpack the whole time we were home then I got back from WA in early January and got really sick so it sat on my nightstand for a while without being cracked open again. But I finally felt better and blew through the second half of the book.

I picked out this book to read because NY Times voted this one of the best books of 2015. I read the description and was like that sounds like something I might like to read. I checked my local library and they had it in stock and I was like, that's the next book I am reading.

I liked the book a lot. It is a satirical book but it still makes you think about issues going on in the world and America right now. It is about a black man that segregates his hometown (right outside Los Angeles) so that all blacks and other minorities go to one school and whites aren't allowed etc. Even though it is a satirical piece it raises some really good questions about how we treat people of different/ all races in todays society. I liked it a lot. I also like how he doesn't shy away from writing a book about race. It's a good read. Go read it.

Here is a good review about the book on NPR. The New York Times writes an article about the book as well.

Last year I just updated one blog post about all the books I read but this year I think I will blog about each book because let's be real I am not blogging much anyway so it's not like I will be filing my blog fead with too much. haha. Also I got this idea from Les and she is killing in with the books this January I think she has read 5 or 6 so far this year and I have read 1. Gahhhhhhh I need to get with it.
love, Carlee

Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Ocean Isle Beach

After Myrtle Beach we headed up the coast to Wilmington NC. I wanted to show them Wilmington because it is very different from Myrtle Beach. While on the way up my stepmom wanted to stop and see a beach top. We picked Ocean Isle Beach because I had never been either. Since it was mid January everything was mostly closed. But the beach was amazing! It always is. There were lots more seashells in Ocean Isle Beach because there are less people than in Myrtle Beach. We had a good time walking along the beach and shelling while my little brother tried to outrun the tide. Haha
The weather was also amazing. It was sunny and around 50 degrees which was nice because the 3 previous days were around 30 degrees so it had been cold. I think my family brought the cold and snow with them from Washington State haha. After we strolled along the beach for a while we drove down 1st street (which is the main road along the ocean.) We did this mostly because my Dad wanted to look at the homes and see if any were for sale and how much they sell for. He is a contractor and builds homes so he is always interested in the price of homes in different areas of the country. North Caorlina is rather inexpensive compared to Washington State. He kept saying to my stepmom "we should retire here." haha
Like I said above the shelling was great and my stepmom even found a full sand dollar which was awesome because I had never found a sand dollar on the East Coast. I mean I technically didn't find this one either but I had never even seen one. So win. It was a beautiful day and going to the beach is one of my favorite things ever. 
love, Carlee

Monday, January 25, 2016

Myrtle Beach with the fam

My family (Dad, Stepmom and little brother) came down to North Carolina for a week. They flew from Washington State to stay with us for one week and it was their first time visit us here in North Carolina. While they were here I knew I wanted to go to the beach. My dad is really into golfing so I thought going to Myrtle Beach would be fun since their are so many golf courses. And Myrtle Beach always has so much to do.
We walked around Broadway on the Beach for a while and saw the crazy fish that are in the pond. And my crazy I mean there are tons and they are big and they just sit below the bridge and wait for food. We ate burgers and milkshakes at Johnny Rockets then took photos in the Photo Booth pictures. My little brother had never done a mall like Photo Booth so we all squeezed in and it was totally worth the $5. (It always is.) We were going to putt putt there but I was like no their are better putt putts on the beach but guess what they were ALL closed. And I felt so bad because my little brother really wanted to mini golf and I totally dropped the ball.
After Broadway on the Beach we checked into our hotel then walked along the beach to the boardwalk. We went to all the fun shops like Gay Dolphin, I Love Sugar. My little brother wanted to do the Ripley's Mirror Maze so we did and it was totally great. We were the only ones there and the lady let us go back as many times as we wanted to. It was funny to see my dad try and make his way through. Good times. For dinner we ate at Beach Bummz next to our hotel on Ocean Blvd and honestly it wasn't very good. Although the french fries were amazing. I love me some good crinkle fries so maybe I will go back just for the fries but thats it.
In the morning we headed out for Wilmington NC. Post on that tomorrow.
love, Carlee
Coat: H&M
Sweater & Hat: American Eagle
Purse: Target
Leggings: Nike

Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Doggies romping in the snow

More photos from Washington State. These photos were taken at my moms house on the Columbia River. With the snow and a clear blue sky it looks so beautiful! Although cold. The Rottweiler mix is my moms dog named Apollo. The blonde dog that looks similar to Knox is my brothers dog named Duke. And the little dog is my brothers girlfriend's dog named Fella. We gave Fella so many funny nicknames like DJ Fellie Fell, Fellie Vanillie, Fellie McSmellie. Just lots of random stuff haha.

I know these might not be the most interesting photos to some but I love sharing them here because I like being able to look back. That is basically what this blog is at this point. An online scrapbook and I am 100% okay with that.
love, Carlee

Monday, January 11, 2016

Snow angel

These photos were taken in Washington State. They are actually the only outfit photos I took while we were in Washington for 2 weeks over Christmas. I have lots of photos from Washington that I will hopefully get up on the blog soon and I will talk more about our time there then.
I wore lots of comfy clothes while home and lots and lots of layers. It was so cold at some points. I think one day it was a high of 18 degrees and got down to 5 degrees at night. It was cold but I expected it because it is cold in eastern Washington in the winter. And there was SO much snow which I was happy about because the snow is so pretty. Although on Christmas Eve it was bad that it was snowing so heavy because it took my brother 8 hours to make it over the pass from Seattle to eastern WA then it should only take 3 hours. He made it safely and it was just a bit late haha. 
I actually had an appointment to get my bangs cut about a week before we were going home but the hair dresser that I like called and canceled because she was sick. I didn't want to just go to anyone so I decided to take makers into my own hands and Google some Youtube videos about trimming your own bands. I think I did a pretty decent job which is all I really wanted. So that was good. 

I think maybe at this point I might grow them out. Idk. I like them and everyone liked them and Clark says I should keep them forever haha. And they aren't hard to style when I do, do my hair so that's good. I guess it's just that if I am gonna grow them out now is the time to do it. One thing is that I am nervous to have bangs during the summer here in North Carolina. It is so humid, I don't even like styling my hair, let along bangs. And another thing is that, January is pretty chill month for us so I am not having to go out and do much. It's easy to just through on a beanie hat and conceal my hair. Idk. We will see, I am not making a hair appointment to get my bangs cut. I am not ruling it out but for now I am not. Okay lots of rambling about my bangs. That's it. haha
love, Carlee

Monday, January 4, 2016

All the books I read in 2015

Here is all the books I read in 2015 mashed together for your viewing pleasure. I can't wait to read more books in 2016. I am halfway through The Sellout and have both Mindy Kaling books in my sites. But back to 2015's books. My favorites were: anything by Gillian Flynn, 1984, Black Like Me, The Devil in the White City, The Shining.

Least Favorites: Carsick, Just in Case, The Time Traveler's Wife.

You can see a list of almost all the books I read and a review on them here.

I shared more specific thoughts in October about the books I had just finished reading.

I totally want to make a goal of reading a certain amount of books this year but then again I don't. I like reading and I hope to read a few handfuls again in 2016 but I don't want to make a definitive goal of like 30 or 50 books and feel pressure to read. Because I like reading for fun and if there was some pressure (even just from myself) that I had to finish so many books a month/ week then I wouldn't enjoy it as much (read: at all) so yeah I am not gonna do that. But I hope to read just as much if not more in the new year. But I will take it as it comes and enjoy reading and learning from books as I have done so in the past!
love, Carlee

Sunday, January 3, 2016

The rearview: 2015

1. I bought a new printer and mug press so I could start designing and selling mugs in my shop. I was SO EXCITED the first time I printed and used the heat press all my myself and it worked.

2. Little Sloth, the shop, celebrated it's 2nd bday.

3. We got new box springs for our bed which has made sleeping that much more enjoyable.
1. I celebrated my 23rd birthday.

2. I started doing paint-by-numbers which has now turned into a big hobby of mine.

3. We had a MAJOR ice storm in NC where everything was covered in an inch of ice from freezing rain the night before.

4. Lots of game nights with our friends.

5. We got snow and Clark went to Alabama for training.
1. I traveled back to Washington State to visit my family.

2. My Grandma Margaret passed away. It was really heartbreaking but I am so thankful that I got to be with her on her last few days and say goodbye.

3. I helped my mom set up a vintage Etsy shop.

4. Some of my family and I spent some time at our cabin at the lake. (The lake was even frozen solid so we could ice skate on it. )
1. Spent Easter with our good friends.

2. My brother's girlfriend came down to Raleigh and I visited with her and Clark left for training in Florida.

3. I went to the beach with friends.

4. Clark reenlisted in the military for 4 more years. 

5. We went to the NC zoo and fed giraffes and it was awesome.

1. Spent some time at the pool for the first time in 2015.

2. Took a trip to Washington D.C. for Memorial Day weekend. 
- Ate the best donuts at the Smithsonian zoo
- Biked everywhere using Capitol Bikeshare
- Ford's Theater
- Thomas Jefferson Memorial
1. Enjoyed gelato and donuts and spending lots of time with the Gonzos.

2. Had a company work picnic at Raven Rock State Park.

3. Clark and I went to Kure Beach, NC.

4. Got my passport updated with my current last name.
1. Celebrated our 2nd anniversary of marriage in Durham watching the Bulls play and also celebrated the 4th of July.

2. Clark left for training in California and I started Whole30.

3. Lots of trips to the dog park and I started making these felt Christmas ornaments.
1. Knox celebrated his 2nd birthday.

2. I finished my first Whole30 and lost 9lbs.

3. We said goodbye to our best friends that moved to Colorado :( so bittersweet. But happy for them that they are doing well and loving Colorado. May our paths definitely cross again someday!

4. We took a vacation to St. Croix in the Caribbean. 

5. Clark and I started another Whole30.

6. Got to watch Clark do a water jump at White Lake.
1. Started playing fantasy football with my family. (I had the most clever names and I ended up winning the whole thing and $50!)

2. Knox started losing weigh for Italy.

3. Went to our second military ball. 

4. Celebrated Clark's birthday.

1. I visited a friend that I met at UW in Seattle that is currently attending UNC. I hope to visit her more this year!

2. Picked pumpkins, went to the state fair.

3. Got BANGS!

4. Made DIY Halloween costumes again this year. We won 1st at Clark's work and also at our apartment complex.

5. Clark graduated WLC and we threw a Halloween party with our friends.
1. Clark sister came to visit for a week!

2. We took family photos and went to the beach and toured a new lighthouse.

3. We visited Charlotte NC where we went to a Carolina Panthers game, Ikea, and just explored the city for the first time.

4. Had Thanksgiving with our friends, then bought a Christmas tree the next day.
1. Set up our Christmas tree

2. Took Knox to get photos taken with Santa (!!!&*@$*@^*$^*!%^$   =   my favorite)

3. Celebrated Christmas with our little family in NC.

4. Went home to Washington for 2 weeks to celebrate Christmas with them.
- Saw all our family and friends
-Spent way to much in the snow
-Went ice skating
-Made Christmas candy with my mom
It was a really good year. We did lots of fun things and took some major steps in our lives. It was awesome. We were happy and healthy and I wish for that again in the New Year. I will be back to regularly posting this week which will include some photos from Washington State, Christmas, and a couple more look backs on 2015. My favorite things and/or the biggest milestones we had in 2015 I bolded above.