Friday, May 11, 2012

Happy Friday and inspirational bathroom art


Yep you read that right. Inspirational bathroom art! ( Ill get to that in a minute)  

So didn't have any class today which meant that I got to head home for the weekend early. I am going to my brothers college graduation on Sunday. It is so crazy that he is already done with college. I know I am only a freshman in college but just thinking about how fast it goes is really scary. 

Ok so now back to the main them of this post.  I went to go to the bathroom today (like everyone does) and there was quotes and words written all over the bathroom wall. I had to snap a few shots because I thought it was so great (in a little bit of a humorous way) how there was inspirational words on some place totally unexpected.

I would expect the stuff on the bathroom walls to say mean or derogatory things but not this one. If I am ever headed to the bathroom and also need a little inspiration for the day, you know where I will be. I also used the computer app Poladriod to make these photos look like polaroids. It was fun. 

Anyways I hope you find this humorous and inspirational just like I did. 
Have you ever found inspiration in an unusual place?


  1. How cool! And I love the Polaroid look you did with them.


  2. I always end up reading the stuff on the bathroom walls at uni and it's always nice to see inspirational words written.

    Wardrobe Quarry

  3. Haha this is so cool! Nice to see words of wisdom in a stall for once compared to some of the nasty things you usually see!!

    xo Rachel

  4. Oh this is such a lovely post :) So unusual but inspirational at the same time. Who would've thought you could feel so inspired with a trip to the bathroom!

    The polaroid app is pretty cool too - I might have to give it a go in one of my posts.

    Lovely blog, really enjoyed reading.


  5. Carlee, you are so kind! I love how happy your blog is. I am now following you.
    Have a lovely weekend.

  6. This is such a cool post! Once when I visited New York I found the coolest bathroom with stuff like this...spent ages in there reading them all!!!

  7. woah, i'd never expect to see something like that on the bathroom walls!


  8. Great Post ,love it!

    Lovely Greetings ♡

  9. these are lovely, I often find myself reading the little notes in toilet cubicles too, and yes they aren't always mean! Nice :) x x

  10. I love quotes like these. Not too long go I saw l great poem on the bus stop about calling your mother. It was beautiful.

  11. sin duda buen blog y el post muy bien =)

    besos nos seguimos??

  12. i love these! so cute.

    your new follower, Eimear x


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