Sunday, June 30, 2013

My home

I feel like I am dropping the ball on this whole blogging thing. I mean I haven't posted in a whole week! Since the last 365 post. And here I am again today just to post a 365. It is important to me to stay caught up on this project I think it is going to be so wonderful to look back on the year that has past and see how much has changed and such. 

And my excuses for not posting much well they are because I get to see Clark this next week and we are getting married. I am also packing up to move across the country the week after that. So yeah. Busy week. I could share a bunch of wedding/packing photos with you but instead for this 365 I want to remember my hometown. Enjoy.
So this is what my home looks like. Northern Washington in the summertime is the place to be I am telling you. 1. Hank the sweetest dog ever. 2. Home. 3. Baseball. 4. Basketball hoop and sunset. 5. Fireworks. 6. The blow up man in our backyard to scare away the birds from eating the cherries. 7. Chicken at my mom's house. 

My home is wonderful. I am also excited to make a new come in North Carolina with Clark. It will be an adventure that is for sure. I will update more soon. Hopefully. 
love, Carlee 


  1. glad you got to post! these photos are so pretty!

  2. As a gal that moved out at 18 and has had SEVERAL hometowns since (welcome to military life, and yes, I love it) my advice is treasure that home town, but get ready to make a new one and find new adventures in each place you go. We are so lucky to get to see so many different places in this world;)


Thanks for the wonderful comment. I read and enjoy every single one. Have a question for me, I will reply as soon as I can. Love , Carlee