Thursday, January 5, 2017

Year recap: 2016

- Clark and his friends played a video game tournament at NC State in Raleigh it was the best and nerdiest thing I have never been apart of haha.

-My Dad, Stepmom and little brother came to visit Clark and I in North Carolina. It was there first time visiting North Carolina and getting to see our place. We also traveled to Myrtle Beach, Pinehurst, and Duke University while they were here!
-Clark and I visited Savannah GA for the first time for my birthday and Valentines Day!

-My mom bought me a sewing machine for my birthday and I loved learning about it and doing projects on it. And I finished my first quilt.

- Clark and I painted ceramics!
-Knox and I went to the Outer Banks and saw Jockey Ridge State Park and Currituck Lighthouse.

-We got our official orders for Naples, Italy!

-I took photos of our friends wedding while Clark was the best man!

-We went to Washington, DC to see the cherry blossoms!

-Knox started obedience class.
-My brothers finance asked me to be a bridesmaid at there wedding in January 2017.

-Knox graduate obedience class as MVP of the class.

-I took a road trip with my friend to Massachuets and spent a few days there then flew back to NC.
-We flew home to Washington State to visit family before we moved to Italy in July.
~Watched baseball
~Jumped off cliffs
~At taco wagon and lakeview drive in
~Went to the casino
~Had family BBQ
~Hosted a brial shower for my brothers finance
-Enjoyed NC for the last month. Like seeing lightning bugs for only the second time while having lived in NC for 3 years!

-Clark made SGT!

-Clark had an emergency appendices.

- I started designed and selling iPhone cases on Casetify

-All our stuffed got packed up to ship out!
-Celebrated our last 4th of July in America for a while

-Flew to Spain and to Italy

-Explored Naples and made some great friends in orientation.

-Went to Rome on the train.

-Boated around the island of Ischia
-Moved into our new home!

-Hiked Mt. Vesuvius with friends.

-Traveled to The Netherlands, Belgium, and Luxembourg!
-We spent 2 weeks traveling to London, southern England, and road tripping around the entirety of Ireland & Northern Ireland!
-Started painting a mural in our spare bedroom

-Got a free good couch, lawn chair and have been thrifting the best Christmas stuff!!!

- Enjoyed our first Halloween in Italy

-Explored Pompeii for the first time.

-Visited Positano, Italy - whooooooon

-Spent 5 days in the Italian hospital, got medevacted to Germany then to Washington DC where I had surgery.
-Came home to WA state to recover from surgery (will be none weight bearing for 12 weeks)

-Spent time with friends and family for the holidays.

It was a very strange year. Some good, some bad. I didn't start off the year very well and the year also didn't end very well. You know, with me breaking my leg and all but the middle was really good. Gotta take the bad with the good I guess. I am excited about 2017, I am excited to heal and be back to my old self only 100% times better and get back to Italy. I shared my 1 Second Everyday video to my personal Facebook page and everyone loved it and were sharing the nicest comments. I have watched it through about 10 times and even with the bad and the ugly I love that video of 2016 and the positive memories definitely out weigh the negative so that is great. I am going to continue doing the 1SE project in 2017! I'll share my 2016 video here on the blog in the next day or two. Thanks for following along.
love, Carlee

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