Tuesday, January 2, 2018

1 Second Everyday 2017 : video

Hey all!

I just finished getting my 1 Second Everyday video mashed and uploaded and I thought I would share it. So many people loved seeing it last year and this year was just as great. I shared highlights of the year in my last post but some things that I forgot to mention and I remembered because of this video:

-My families dog passed away in July and it was really fun to get it see him again in this video.
-Getting to watch my little brothers play high school sports
-Walking, driving, etc for the first time since I broke my leg in November 2016. 
-All the trips we took
-The massive heat wave we had at the end of July in Italy. Clark and I basically spent all day in a little kiddie pool. 
-Making friends with our neighbors and their two young daughters just loved Knox. 
-The concerts we saw. 

So many good memories and 1 whole year in just 6 minutes. Crazy. 
love, Carlee

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