Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Cooled down

It cooled down just enough for me to wear my favorite wide leg jeans yesterday. Which I was excited about. This is also the first time I wore this vest. I wore it has a tank top and I love it. I got it at a yard sale about a year ago. Isn't it lovely! And what do you think of my straight hair?

Outfit details
Vest: Yard sale
Heels: Old Navy
Jeans: IT Jeans via Hautelook
Camisole: Nordstroms
Belt: JCPennys

I was angry yesterday. Like angry to my core. I had woke up for 7 mornings in a row at 430am to work in the cherry orchard. I was unbelievably tired. There has been drama at the pool I work at. And two of our lifeguards quit. So I am now working 13 hours everyday. I just wanted to break down and cry. I also wish I had my boyfriend around to tell me everything will be okay. But today has been better. I didn't have to wake up at 430 am this morning, I got to sleep in until 8am. So today is already looking up! Everyday is a new day. 

Today I plan on making some yummy breakfast, rocking out to my ipod on the way to work, and if I am feeling up to it making a dessert when I get some from work! 


  1. I love how you're wearing this vest. You look adorable!

    xo, Yi-chia
    Always Maylee

  2. Great photos!

  3. you've got a beautiful smile (: ♡

  4. Hey Carlee! Thanks for visiting my blog and for your sweet comment.. I'm your newest follower! Woo hoo! Hope you come back to visit my space! Have a great day and I loooove that vest.. I'm all about vests! My last one was a black lacy thing..It's spectacular. lol

    Janette the Jongleur

  5. I totally feel you on too much work, it sounds like you have it even rougher than I do! 4:30 is not a friendly hour no matter how you look at it! Either way, I absolutely love your plaid vest and hope you can have a relaxing dessert filled evening after work today!
    xo Hannah

  6. Hi Carlee, thanks for visiting my blog! :) Excited for your trip to the south! you're going to love it! Jealous that you live in Washington, it's so gorgeous out there!

    I love your outfit too! I'm sorry to hear that you were having such a rough day yesterday, and am hoping your day is looking better today!

  7. cool vest/top! and you look beautiful:)

  8. Wow that's one long work day! Hang in there chica! :)

    I like the straight hair too!

    Cup of Tea

  9. Super cute outfit! I'm glad things are looking up for you. :)

  10.'s very lovely on you!


  11. I love a great denim look and this is just fantastic! I really like the easy, laid-back look you created with the button-up vest and the leather belt. :)

  12. lovely blog...if you want we can following each other???

  13. You look awesome! I wish I could pull off outfits like this :)
    Lots of love, Anna.

  14. Oh dear, I am so sorry you've been having a rough time lately :/ It quite sounds like the predicaments I have at my work (which you've unfortunately had to read me rant all about, haha). I know things are going to look up for you and I know how bad all of this stinks right now...I'll be keeping you in my thoughts! x

    On another note, I LOVE you in these jeans! You pull off wide leg magnificently. So wish I could! ♥

  15. Hi dear! Lovely look:) I´m now following you on GFC! What do u think about follow each other? We'll keep in touch!

  16. Beautiful! :)

  17. Take things easy, dear. Life's hard already, don't make it harder by over working your emotions. Keep calm.

    Nice vest. It completes the boho vibe with the wide leg pants.

  18. Take things easy, dear. Don't make life harder by over working your emotions.

    Nice vest. Adds to the boho vibe with your wide leg pants.

  19. Nice look i like so much the combinations and style.

  20. I like the casual look of that outfit--but I'm jealous and wondering where in the world it's cool enough to wear jeans!!!


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