Thursday, May 4, 2017

Green thumb practice

I have been working on my green thumb this spring. I remember when we moved in last August, planting flowers was something I definitely wanted to do but it wasn't really a priority. I figured I would get to. So when I got back to Italy in March, I knew I wanted to start planting flowers and other greenery. Plants seem to grow really well here. The climate is good and it seems to rain a good amount and give lots of sun. I think most people don't do anything with there plants and they are just growing amazingly. Were as I try really hard sometimes with my plants and they fail haha. I actually had 3 succulents in the house when I broke my leg and I was gone for 4 months and clark didn't water them the hole time I was gone haha. So they didn't get watered for 4 months. It was probably a good thing that I was gone because I  would have definitely over watered and killed them if I was here.
I had picked up some flowers at the store on base and after I plated them in the ground they seemed so pathetic. They started to wilt and my mom said just to keep watering them and they will come back to life. They just need to get use to the ground. I decided that maybe I would like it better if I planted seeds or bulbs instead of an already grown plant. So I got some gladiolus and  ranunculus bulbs and planted them in the back of my house where there was some open dirty. The plants are coming up. Everyday for weeks now I go out there and check to see how many have sprouted and now all 16 bulbs have sprouted I think that is amazing. I was excited when there was just 5. I thought 5/16 isn't bad. My mom promised that at least 12 would sprout but she said they probably all would actually.

Knox actually stepped and broke one of the gladiolus off so I bought some low grounding plants to plant in front of them so he knew not to walk back in the garden area anymore. He hasn't broken anymore since. Knock on wood.
My Italian neighbor was throwing away a bunch of succulent plants. I think he was thinning out his plant and I saw them by the garbage pile. Of course I was like those would look awesome in a big pot in front of my door. So I gathered them up and went to the store and bought a $4 plastic pot and replanted them. It is going strong and is even starting to sprout new ones. My neighbor noticed that I took them so he also gave me a little succulent haha. I will take anything I can get. Clark also got some tomato plants from one of our military friends so I am going to plant those soon. I am excited to see some stuff start blooming. Will keep you updated!
love, Carlee

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