Monday, May 8, 2017

Anfiteator Campano

On Saturday, we headed just 20 minuets up the road from our house to the Campania Amphitheater. If you want to look it up use the Italian name "Anfiteator Campano" and you'll find it easier.  It was the second largest amphitheater in the world just after the Colosseum in Rome. Now it is just ruins but it is still amazing. It cost 2.50 euro per person to get in and there is a little tiny museum with ruins and gladiator amor. Even though it was a Saturday we basically had the whole place to ourselves. We were the only people there until we started to leave and there was another couple walking in. It was amazing.
The underground portion of the amphitheater where the gladiators would get ready and where the animals were held was in wonderful condition. I read on the internet that the underground is the best preserve out of all the left standing amphitheaters including the Colosseum. And we were totally alone down there! Now there is moss and plants growing all over down there. I think it beautiful that way. Obviously back in the day it would have been all clean and just stone. And probably lots of animal waster, can you image the smell? You can't go out into the little of the amphitheater. They probably don't want you falling through any rotten wood or the grates. 
Clark making sure my butt isn't showing haha.

A word of advice, when you pull up to the amphitheater site park right there on the side of the road. Instead of following the parking sign. We followed the parking sign at first and parked and walked up to the amphitheater. You can still see if from the parking lot so we walked up to it but there is a fence and turns out the entrance is when you first see the amphitheater so we got back in the car and drove to where you first can see it. 
love, Carlee 
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