Wednesday, March 7, 2018

Barcelona, Spain

We had such an amazing time in Barcelona. I honestly never understood the hype of the city before but now I totally do. There is amazing shops and food everywhere! The people are so nice. The weather is great. So many good street performers. Lots of art to see! We were just in Barcelona for three days so while I am sure there is way more to do and see and especially restaurants and desserts to try these are some of the things we did and found worthwhile! 

I am going to be posting a couple more posts from Barcelona because I have way more photos that I want to share of specific places like Park Guell and the Gothic Quarter, so look out for those and I will link them back to this post for future reference. 

Grand Hotel Central: first thing that caught my eye with this property was the heated rooftop infinity pool. Once I looked at the prices and they weren’t even bad because it was the off season I thought let’s book it! It was also my birthday weekend so that caused for celebration and nice hotels. The hotel was in the best location and so nice. Maybe the nicest hotel Clark and I have ever stayed in. The bed was so comfy and they had robes and slippers and a complimentary mini bar !!!!!! 


Petritxol Xocoa : Churros and hot chocolate! 

Amorino: gelato! This gelato the make in the shape of a rose if you order a corn. I absolutely LOVE their cheesecake flavor although the Barcelona location didn't have it! 

Demasié: the best cinnamon rolls, we went back multiple times! They have all different flavors although the original cinnamon roll is the best (I think) they also have cookies and coffee. 

Taco Alto Born: Great street tacos. 

Bernie’s: Fun American themed diner with milkshakes!

Chivuo's: such good burgers and pulled pork sandwiches. We went twice. Yes we are those people that find a good place to eat on vacation and keep going to it. haha 

La Boqueria Mercat: We had the best fruit smoothies here. But there are tons of food booths and fruit and meat and everything looked so yummy. 

Bar Centro: Really great burgers and craft beers. A cozy yummy food joint. 

Cerveceria Catalana: We actually didn't get a chance to make it here but EVERYONE recommends it for the tapas! Just Google this place the reviews are all amazing. 
Things to do: 

Park Guell: One of the most iconic places to visit in Barcelona. It is a bit of a walk or bike ride to the park. We had electric bikes so we were fine but getting a cab ride might be a good bet as well. You can see views of the whole city from atop the main sitting area and also lovely Gaudi architecture and design. 

Gothic Quarter: This area of the town is wonderful. So many cute little side alleys with good food and the coolest shops. Also the architecture! Make sure to check out Barcelona Cathedral especially. 

Arc de Triomf: Seems every major city has an Arc de Triumph well Barcelona is no different. There is a long walkway in front of it making it so nice for walking and street performer sitings. And the arc itself is unique, being brick red instead of marble and having fun ornate decorations. 

Casa Milla/ Casa Batllo / Casa Vicens: These are all Antoni Gaudi designed buildings and worth at least a look. We did not go inside any of the buildings. It is kinda expensive with some being like 15+ euro to go inside. But each building is uniquely designed and the architecture is fascinating. 

Las Ramblas Street: The main street in Barcelona. There is a big center walkaway for pedestrians only which is nice. It is crowded usually and everyone says to beware of pick-pocketers. We did not have any problems though. There are main shops along the street and restaurants. We didn't eat anywhere along Las Ramblas because I read that it is way overpriced and not as good as local more hidden places. 

La Boqueria Mercat: Listed in the food section as well but this place you could walk around forever. It is so colorful and pretty and the smells from the food are lovely. 

Sagrada Familia: Probably the most famous building in Barcelona and it is not even complete! Not to be missed. It is wonderful. The inside is just as gorgeous as the outside so buy tickets in advanced and go inside. It is a church so be respectful. 

Ciutadella Park: This park is just teaming with life and fun. There were so many dogs just walking so nicely right beside their owners without even being on a leash. I kept asking Clark if he thought our dog would be that well behaved. We didn't think so haha.

The Beach: it is crazy that you can have a beautiful cultural city on one side and then a nice sandy beach right next to it. Enjoy a little sun along the Mediterranean Sea if your heart desires. 

Enjoy the recommendations and tips!

love, Carlee

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