Wednesday, February 28, 2018

Goals for my 26th year!

Okay my birthday was this month and I didn't want to do my usual 26 before 27 or whatever like I have the last couple of years. Mostly because I don't have 26 solid goals for this year and usually I just end up making stuff up that I don't necessarily care about doing. So yeah not the best use of time when thinking about the future. So instead I am just going to share some of my goals for my 26th year of life. These are a lot of the same goals I have for 2018 and it is funny I honestly thought I posted a list of my 2018 goals but I went back and looked and I did not so here we are.

1. Read 5 books and add to my book collection. I know 5 books is so weak but I haven't read a whole book in forever so reading 5 seems like a do-able goal.

2. Go on 10 trips this year. 8 small 3-4 day trips and 2 big 7-10 day trips (not including back to USA)
Small done:
Krakow, Poland- 3 days
Barcelona/Andorra - 4 days
Brugge, Belgium - 4 days
Florence & Cinque Terre Italy - 4 days
Portugal/Spain/Gibraltar - 8 days
Venice, Verona, Lake Garda - 4 days

3. Finish 2018 with a 3.5+ GPA in all my college classes.

4. Go back to USA and visit family.

5. Go to one concert.

6. Turn hangers around in closet and only turn them back around when I have worn that item of clothing. At the end of the year the hangers still not turned around: donate those clothes.

7. Print more physical photos!

8. Continue recording 1 Second Everyday

9. Keep up with house cleaning better: i.e. washing sheets more often, vacuum more, mow lawn more regularly, etc.

10. Save money.

11. Visit 6 new countries. (Kind of in line with the trips goal but want to make sure I go to new countries.) Portugal, Spain.

12. Go on another solo Europe trip.

13. Take photos and share my living room makeover.

My last goal list 25 before 26. I didn't get everything accomplished but I feel really good about the stuff I did. It was a great year.

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