Tuesday, May 14, 2013

A purple lilac bush

These photos are mostly just to show case this wonderful dress. I have worn it a few times but I realize I haven't featured it here on the blog. So I thought it was about time I did. I bought this dress from Forever 21 back in November before I went down to Georgia to see Clark for Thanksgiving. I wanted something to wear out on a nice and classy date night. This was the perfect dress. It is super comfy and also flattering. Anyways I am just enjoying all the blossoms and pretty smells of the spring time while finishing out my sophomore year here at the University of Washington. Enjoy a new beautiful day.
love, Carlee 
Dress: Forever 21
Flower Crown: DIY


  1. you look adorable, cute dress!
    Did you create that flowercrown?

  2. Thanks so much and yes I did. The link is at the very bottom of the post linked DIY.

  3. I love your blog! Would you like to do a follow for a follow?

  4. You look gorgeous!

    xo Jennifer


  5. You look adorable. Love the huge crown!


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