Monday, May 13, 2013

Everyday Cooking: Taco Salad

A new feature is arising and it is something I am really excited about. On my blog, I do share my fair amount of recipes. I was thinking that it would be fun to also start sharing regular everyday meals with you all. I have a feeling this feature will be super fun once I am married and cooking for two on a regular basics. Also most of the food you see here won't need an explanation like Taco Salad. This is just to give you all a glimpse inside what I am cooking and what I am eating. Enjoy.

Taco Salad:

Happy cooking and happy Monday.
love, Carlee 


  1. Mexican is my favourite, looks amazing! What camera do you use?

    Holly x

    1. I use the Nikon D5000. It is a great camera!

  2. This looks sooooo good! I'm in loooove with Mexican food lol.

    xox Lara

  3. taco salad is my favorite! and this looks incredible!!


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