Monday, March 7, 2016

24 before 25

1. Become fluent in Italian

2. Successfully move to Italy. We have our orders! Looks like we are officially going!! Yippee.

3. Read 20 books at least

4. Get Knox down to 65lbs (currently at 72)

5. Start a new quote book

6. Visit one new North Carolina State Park

7. Travel to 4 new countries.We are up to 8 right now. UK, Ireland, Belgium, Netherlands, Luxembourg, Spain, Vatican City, and of course Italy.

8. Finish my Italian Duolingo tree.

9. Successfully transition my Little Sloth shop to run in the US while I am living in Italy. Meaning having a print shop and a shipping company.

10.Write 50 letters to friends and family. Finished this one, but only if sending out Christmas cards counts. haha. I am counting it!

11. Make 6 new designs for mugs in my shop. Grumpy Cat, Frog, Cow, Unicorn, Strong Men, Sheep, Pirate.  Shop them all here. 

12. Go on 10 dates with Clark (new things we've never done or things we've only done a couple times)

13. Save a certain amount in our saving account by July & Also save a certain amount in my business account by July.

14. Take 3 year anniversary photos with clark in July but do underwater photos in a pool!

15.Contine scrapbooking in 2016 but instead of 8 pages a month like I did in 2015 only do 4 pages a month.

16. Finish 2 paint by numbers.

17. Have a new product in my shop by the end March Enamel Pins!!!

18. Start writing a novel

19. Update my website and also maybe change it to a new hosting platform. But probably not until the middle of the year.

20. 6,000 sales in my shop by this time next year.

21. Make a home movie. I have a bunch of video clips and I want to compile them all and burn them onto a DVD.

22. Learn how to sew/complete 3 sewing projects. My mom bought me a sewing machine for my birthday! Small quilt, pot holders, and Christmas ornaments.

23. Make a travel archives from my blog with each travel post I have done organized by area.

24. Go on at least one friend date a month.

I did want to share my goals now for my 24 before 25 since my birthday was a couple weeks ago and I didn't want to wait to long past my birthday.
love, Carlee


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