Sunday, February 26, 2017

25 before 26

Before I talk about my goals for this year let's revisit my goals from last year. So I did actually accomplish the majority of my goals from last year. A big one being moving to Italy. Some of the things I didn't accomplish are being brought over to this year for example Finish my Italian Duolingo tree, updating my website, and reading. I tried to make some of my goals a little more specific this year instead of broad like "become fluent in Italian" which can be really broad and differ depending on who you ask. So I tried to make more trackable goals.

Anyways, as most of you know I broke my leg back in November so my main goal for this year is to become 100% health again and that means doing 1 hour or more of PT a day. I also want to travel so much more this year. After breaking my leg and spending about 4 months in the states I realize how valuable my time in Italy is and it was going by fast even when I was there enjoying it. So I am ready to get back and be with my husband and dog. Here are my 25 goals before I turn 26.

1. Travel to 6 new countries.
-Greece, Lithuania, Latvia, Poland, Germany, France, Romania, Czech Republic, Denmark, Sweden

2. Take the train to Florence, Italy

3. Get Knox his pet passport.

4. Decorate house.
     -Paint walls in bedroom & living room, gallery wall in bedroom etc.

5. Rent a car and not have to pay the underage fee!!!!!!!!!

6. Buy plants for garden and house.

7. Design 5 new mugs
Bear, Hippo, Cow, Koala, Camel (this one didn't make it to the shop yet)

8. Travel somewhere solo
Yes to Denmark and Sweden

9. Go to a Napoli soccer game

10. Read 15 books Yes, if you include college books which I am.

11. Finish Italian Duolingo tree

12. Do PT (physical therapy) twice a week. Yes I did this until they said they did't need to see me anymore.

13. Make my own e-commerce site

14. Write my nighttime dreams down in a journal when I wake up

15. Record 1SE

16. Have 6000 sales in my Etsy shop (almost 5900!)

17. Expand my shop with more product(s). Ideas: (tea towels, tote bags, coasters, washi tape, wrapping paper, notepads, calendars etc.)

18. Save money.

19. Open a Society 6 account and sell products there.

20. Continue to form personal relationships with new friends and our landlords (meaning plan dates, things to do with each of them once a month)

21. Get a King Size bed

22. Remove "like" from my vocabulary. Unless I am using it how it is suppose to be used.

23. Write for 1 hour 3 days a week. (For novel preferably but anything will do.)

24. Send all my friends and family cards on their birthdays!

25. 20 new cases in my Casetify shop by this time next year. (already added 5 new abstract cases)

Last updated on February 20, 2018

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