Monday, June 12, 2017

Castello di Montesarchio

The other weekend we drove out of this castle and it was just a fun quick little drive. It's actually I think only 20 miles away but it just takes you so long to get places here because you go through little towns and little back roads and the speed limit is a lot slower. Once we arrived at the castle there wasn't very many people there it's a small castle but we got to go inside and there were two Italian people working and they have you sign the guestbook and it was totally free and they showed around they were a little shaken that we didn't speak much Italian but the lady who showed us around spoke a little bit of English so we got by. She showed us the jail and sad news articles from the London paper about the castle and also the cool video about this vase that's house and that archaeological museum just across the way.
We got to go around the backside of the castle as well. There is a big cross overlooking the town and you have this cross and it's a very good view from up there. There is also any wild flowers and bushes growing all over the countryside right now because of spring time and it's so gorgeous. We walked around the grounds a little bit more and snap some photos. Like I said there wasn't much there in the castle. It wasn't very big but it was really cool that we got to go inside and that there were people maintaining it and showing people around totally free of charge. It is not something you find every day while going to a historical site.
On the way back we came across his other castle and I was totally trying to figure how to get up to the ruins but we cannot figure it out I did some research when we got home and I think we might have to make a plan to drive there again and then you have to going to walk up to it you can't drive to it. It'll be a good day trip. 
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