Friday, June 9, 2017

Sparta & Mystras Greece

One of the things Clark has always wanted to do is go see Sparta, Greece. He thinks that he might've been King Leonidas in a previous life haha. So I actually booked a tour through and I looked up a few other places that did the day trip to Sparta from Athens and this was one of the companies and had really good reviews and I just liked what you got included in the tour and so I went with them.  And I'm really happy we did. The first stop on our trip was the Corinth canal which is this canal that was drilled out to make way for trade ships to get from the Aegean Sea to the body of water within Grace and they don't use it for trade anymore now private ships go through it kind of as a novelty. And you can even bungee jump off the bridge which we obviously declined to do. It was really cool to stop in the city of Corinth though because that is the city that the Corinthian's are from which you will recognize the name if you're familiarr with the Bible.
The trip was about 2 1/2 hours from Athens to Sparta. The first thing we did when we got to Sparta was go to Mystras it is a little medieval village that was built on the side of a cliff with the castle on the top. It was truly amazing our driver dropped us off on the top and then we walked from there up to the castle which was a little bit farther up and then all the way from the castle down to the bottom through the churches and the villages and the palace it's very very pretty you get to see the whole country side. You even get to see ancient Sparta from the top of the mountain. It probably took us like two or two and a half hours to go through the whole thing and get down back to the entrance where our driver was waiting for us. After that we went to the Tomb of King Leonidas which is really funny because it's just in the middle of this residential area 20 feet away from apartment buildings and restaurants and this is the Tome of Kind Leonidas which is crazy. They have a fence up now because they're trying to preserve it better. There was some graffiti on the tomb which is really sad I think that if you get outside of Athens more of the history sites are not preserved as well. It's just harder because there are not as many tourist that pay money to see the sights. So there is less money to upkeep and keep the sites preserved well.
Then we had lunch, we had an amazing lunch I had a really good pork chops Clark a really good pork tenderloin. Then we got to go see ancient Sparta which is just mainly rocks it was honestly just a stones in the ground in different shapes it's not much to see and you don't need to spend long there. Then we got to see the statue of King Leonidas which stands outside of the soccer stadium really near ancient Sparta. Our tour guide said it was really cool and he explain some stuff to us like why they did what they did. While the 2 1/2 hour drive to get there seemed like a little bit of a long time it was really cool because it was just Clark and I in the van we had a really private tour with him and we got to ask him I'll sorts of questions about Greece in general and then Sparta he was super knowledgeable so we got a learn stuff that we wouldn't have learned if we haven't done this. So I loved it,  he told us about modern-day economics in Greece and tourism and how is dad said that if he didn't learn English he would grow up to be a garbage man haha. Probably not literally but it was a funny story. Then our driver dropped us off right in front of our Airbnb! It was a great day and I am so glad that we got to explore a little bit of the Greek country side. 
love, Carlee
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