Monday, October 2, 2017

Abbazia di Montecassino

A couple weeks ago now my friend, her daughter and I took a little drive up to Montecassino Abbey which is about an hour from where we live in Italy. It was a gorgeous day and an easy drive. Mainly highway then a few switchbacks. I had actually never heard of this place which was surprising to me because I have a running list of places to visit around the area that are within 2 hours and can be easily taken as day trips. This place I should have known about but I am glad that I have friends that know about cool places and can take me with them on trips!
The abbey was very lovely. It only cost 3 dollars to park your car and nothing to go inside the abbey and walk around. There are amazing views of the surrounding areas and the architecture of the abbey itself is worthwhile. You do have to pay an extra $5 if you want to enter the special museum exhibit which we did. There were many amazing relicts and artifacts. From ivory crosses to old maps and scrolls and gold rosaries. There was even a service going on when we were there and we could hear the sermon from inside the church. It didn't even sound Italian. I thought for a second that it might have been Latin but then I realized it was probably Italian I just don't know words pertaining to religion.
The church was magnificent. The details on the ceiling and floor. They are so many beautiful statues and mosaics. Inside the church everyone was so quiet and respectful. Even though there were no signs saying to be quiet it was just nice that people were respectful of the area. 

Once we were done we headed down the mountain for some lunch. I actually hadn't eaten out in a while. Since Clark was gone for 6 weeks it is not really fun to eat out by ones self. So it was nice to sit down and get some Italian spaghetti for lunch.
love, Carlee
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