Saturday, October 28, 2017

Mont Saint-Michel

When going to the west coast of France we knew we had to see Mont Saint-Michel. I have seen so many photos of it and it looks absolutely beautiful. After seeing St. Malo we drove to our hotel which was right outside the causeway bridge to Mont Saint-Michel. It was the perfect location. When we got to our hotel we could see the abbey lit up from our room. The sun didn’t rise until about 8am the next morning so I knew I wanted to get up and catch the sunrise with Mont Saint Michel in the background! There was a perfect dock right by our hotel so got to watch the sunrise and snap some photos of a perfect morning. 
We then caught a bus and headed out to the island. There is a free shuttle bus that runs from the parking lots and the little village and it is free. Even though we were up and at them really early it was still pretty busy. I can’t imagine going midday. I was so glad that the weather was nice the day we went. The blue sky lining the island was so pretty. We wanted to go see the abbey first which is on the very top of the island. So we went into the walls of the city and started out climb up the cobblestone streets. We did stop for some coffee and hot chocolate and then continued. We made it to the abbey and regretted wearing so many layers of clothing haha. 
Inside the abbey was spectacular. I am glad we went first thing and it was not very busy. We even got to see some of the rooms without anyone else there which is practically unheard of in popular tourist destinations. Did you also know that it was the inspiration for Disney's Rapunzel castle? It was a step climb up and down from the abbey but it was worth it and the view from the top was great.The island was actually a prison for a while. I thought maybe it was the original Alcatraz haha 
Shirt: TJ Maxx
Raincoat: North Face
Green Coat: Rue 21
Jeans: NEX
Shoes: Nike
Scarf: Nordstrom

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