Tuesday, October 31, 2017

Paint Palette Costume

HAPPY HALLOWEEN!!!! For some reason I just had an itch to make another Halloween costume. I was thinking about fun things to be that I haven't really seen before and I was going through all the iPhone emojis and thought of the painters palette and while people have had painters palettes in there costumes before (mostly Bob Ross ;) ) I wanted my whole costume to be an artist palette with a giant paint brush!

I had all the supplies already on had. I guess it pays to keep craft and art supplies forever and also have a room to store them in.
Palette: I used a elmers foam board that I got at a craft store to make the palette and then looked up paint palette on google to get a basic idea of how they looked and then traced the shape with pencil and cut the board with an Xacto-knife. I then painted the spots on. 

Paint brush: I had an almost empty roll of wrapping paper so I look the rest of the paper off and used the cardboard roll. I cut it down the middle long ways so I could make it skinnier like a paint brush would be. I then painted the roll red and let it dry. The hardest thing to make was the paint brush tip because I wanted to get it right. I cut a little paper into a triangle shape like a mini birthday hat and then put a paper around the middle to make it look like a paint brush shape. Then I cut pieces of brown string to the length of the triangle and used double sided tape to secure it. For the silver part of the paint brush I used tin foil which I also secured on with double sided tape. 

I put a little handle on the back side of the palette so I could hold it in any direction that I wanted to. 
love, Carlee

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