Thursday, November 9, 2017

DDay sites: Normandy France

Okay last post from the coast of France before I post all about Paris. These post might take my all month to get through and at that point I will probably have more post and travel spots to share. I will just keep chugging away and going through them. We explored the DDay sites of Normandy in the afternoon after exploring Mont Saint-Michel in the morning. We drove up the coast and our first stop was Utah Beach.
We wandered around Utah Beach for a while. Going to all the monuments and reading all the information signs. We were lucky and it was a great sunny day. There was even statues on the way to Utah Beach with information about where the airborne units landed during the Dday attacks.
After Utah Beach, we drove up the coast a little more to Omaha Beach. Probably the most famous beach for the DDay landings. It was more deadly because it wasn't a flat beach. There was a bluff that looked over the beach making it easy for Germans to protect themselves and shoot and hard for the allied soldiers to take over and also find cover. There isn't exactly one place where the landing beach is. So there are monuments and museums all along the beaches for kilometers. We saw the main ones by the museums and walked the beach. It is hard to imagine what Dday would have been like. Very scary I am sure. Clark said if someone wasn't scared then they were probably insane.
Next we visited the cemetery. There was a long time to go into the visitors center so we skipped that and just made our way straight to the American military cemetery. We were lucky and caught the lowering of the flag for the day it was very special. Everyone stopped and watched and was very respectful which I really enjoyed. 
love, Carlee

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